yoga for anxiety and depression

Most of the people, say around 70 to 80 percent, which has a larger strength comprising youngsters, suffer from anxiety and depression across the world. Even though there are available anti-depression drugs to seek relief and peace of mind, but such medications do have a series of negative (and thus harmful) effects on one’s mind. As a strong remedy, people in a large number now turn towards enlightenment in the form of Yoga and meditation, for securing that lost peace as we can see how Yoga and meditation centers are being set-up in the western world too, in a great number.

At World Peace Yoga School, Rishikesh, a prominent center for Yoga teacher training, we have associated numerous yoga mavericks who always look to extend help and assistance towards others, for spreading the light of Yoga philosophy and practice which has a long-lasting effect on one’s mind and body.  In a bid to provide a strong measure to check the menace of anxiety and depression, a few of tested and trusted Asanas are put into practice and such are hailed to have express benefits on those practicing them. Some of the popular asanas and Yoga practice are as mentioned below:

  • Sun Salutation:

This is also referred to as the mother of Yogic exercises and is a bundle of 12 postures where inhalation and exhalation are centered supremely at every step of the salutation. Clearly, the whole body is stretched and various types of energies are channeled throughout the body, beating the compressing aspects of depression and anxiety.

  • The Shoulder Stand:

This is a prime Asana meant for beating stress and depression from the very root and such is also known as Sarvanga Asana in Sanskrit, which means “All Organs”. Through this asana, the whole body and mind are filled vitality when our torso and legs are stretched wide and we raise our body, with the neck bent and the head is fixed onto the ground. Here, the whole of our body weight rests onto our shoulders as we hold our body with hands. There are a few steps involved to practice it and only experts with certifications should overlook it.

  • The Child Pose:

This Asana is also known as Bala Asan meaning a child and is pretty easy to practice, meant for seeking a soothing impact onto our body in a bid to check anxiety. To perform it, we need to put our legs apart and breath-in as we go down on hands and knees. Head needs to be rested onto the arms with palms face down. Toenails should be allowed to touch the floor by keeping them straight. Following this, we need to breathe-out by putting our backside onto heels. This way, our torso is stretched and as it folds over the thighs, we need to bend our neck so it could touch the floor.

Following this, we need to bring our arms by thighs and have to inhale. Continue this for nearly 30 seconds by breathing slowly. This has proved to be a versatile yoga practice for beating stress and anxiety and has a multitude of benefits onto our mind and body.

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