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Healthy and Delicious Food in World Peace Yoga School

Food & Facilities

World Peace Yoga School Location

In the gateway of the Himalayas you will stumble into World Peace Yoga School.

A yoga school designed to take you on a journey of self-transformation. We are located in  Rishikesh, which is one of India’s seven holy cities. Rishikesh is adorned with eternity and spirituality. A holy place known as ‘the Yoga Capital of the World’ - we are located in a serene spot behind Laxman Jhula Police station. Bisected by the mighty Ganges, we sit on the banks of the Ganga, her flow lapping at our steps. You hear her speaking day and night - bringing the essence of the spirituality to your ears, to your soul. Encapsulated with the Himalayas you feel the vibration of the ancient seers and sages who mediate here keeping the energy and magic alive.

As Patanjali wrote ‘Yoga is the cessation of consciousness and here at our school  there is no better place to experience self-evolution. The location of our school makes it a powerful space for self - transformation. We create communities of people who are inspired to live extraordinary lives.

Food & Facilities

World Peace Yoga School Dining

Our dining for students encompasses what we teach, and what we promote, World Peace -  food for the soul, and sustainability for the world.. rustic interior marked by the genuine elegance of nature- govar walls (cow dung) the traditional way of building homes in rural India, embodying the feel of traditional Indian dining, floor seating, bamboo ceilings and wooden furniture we bring nature indoors - a perfect balance of great food and natural beauty. The energy is light, airy, natural, and just what our soul craves.

Meat-free and at one with nature - our restaurant serves plant-based vegetarian food, naturally, when you think of vegetarian -boring comes to mind, but with Indian cuisine your taste buds will be tantalized and your heart warmed - we aim to change your way of thinking about food. Food plays a major part in the spiritual journey as it is linked with our physical, mental, and spiritual well being, food is a symbol of the relationship to our inner self, we serve sattvic food- Sattvic is translated as goodness/purity and the quality of a sattvic diet gives life to the mind, body, and spirit.

The schedule of dining is linked to our Yoga Schedule to ensure that you have high energy and ensures that each cell is fully nourished. Our cooks freshly prepare food every day with love – to ensure the soul is nourished

The Timings are as follows:-

  • Breakfast: 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Lunch: 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
  • Dinner: 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Food & Facilities

World Peace Organic Cafe In Rishikesh

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the main bazaar,  World Peace Cafe is in one word ‘tranquillity' and emits the energy of World Peace & Unity. With Ram Jhula to the left and Laxman Jhula to the right, our location is incredible. Here at World Peace Cafe, in Rishikesh, India we exude the ambiance of an authentic rural village, with gobar walls with hand-designed art, and a cafe filled with love and service at the forefront.

Satvick food is made with love to ensure your soul is nourished and served in sustainable tableware, purity in the food made, purity in how we serve it, and purity for your soul.

We are inspired by living the good life, with great quality products to aid your wellbeing - the cafe is designed with you in mind, a perfect place to unwind and enjoy with the magical sound of mantra playing in the background.

World Peace Cafe is all about giving back to the community around us. Each month we work with 3 organizations: when you pay for your food, you can donate as little as 1 rupee towards the organization we are working with, you select which organization you want to donate to each month and will make the contribution to the organization helping those less fortunate, together we can serve humanity creating unity and peace and spreading love.

When you have finished, you are within a stone's throw of the Ganga, why not after dining takes a stroll to really feel and absorb the energy of World Peace and the spirit of the mighty flowing Ganga?

World Peace Cafe is just as the name signifies:

  • Encouraging and supporting sustainability,
  • Giving back to the community
  • Serving wholesome Satvick food
  • Serving you with love

Ensuring that we are there for the World, there for World Peace, and there together to serve humanity

Food & Facilities

World Peace Yoga School Accommodation In Rishikesh

Our rooms are catered with you in mind, bringing the comfort of home into your stay with us. Exuding a serene ambiance, the rooms provide a relaxing space within a simple yet comfortable setting. The light, cool airy designs of the rooms give a cozy feel whilst offering modern facilities. The availability of rooms vary from offering views of the Himalayan mountains and the Ganga - to smaller cozy rooms allowing inner Shanti. Witness the glorious pastel-colored sunsets at the end of each day from our terrace and balcony. Absorb the beautiful and breath-taking sights of the lush mountains visible 

  • Each room boasts large comfortable single or double beds depending on occupancy. Sleep soundly in a quiet, serene atmosphere without getting disturbed
  • Desk space for your creativity or simply just to sit and study.
  • Space for you to put your mat and follow your own yoga practice to immerse yourself in your learning.
  • Wardrobe space with locks so all your belongings are safe
  • WIFI - so you can connect to the outer world when you want or simply keep in touch with like-minded friends you make on this transformational path.
  • The bathrooms are modern and stylish, spacious, and clean - with hot and cold water 24 hours per day and clean, fresh towels are provided.
  • Air Conditioning - so that you can have the right temperature for you. (there is an extra charge for Air Conditioning)
  • Clean, comfortable bed sheets and blankets to melt into the night.

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Food & Facilities

Yoga Hall & Access To Nature

World Peace Yoga School Hall

We invite you to our unique and heartfelt space designed to make your body and soul move. The space for self-transformation - a contemporary yoga hall, spacious with high ceilings, the large window around the room brings in the natural light, mirroring the light you have within. Take your practice to the next level, immersing yourself in this beautiful space. Natural wooden floors offer firm solid footing and are shock absorbent whilst you perform your yoga asanas, the decor providing a rustic, spiritual vibe. It's clean, it's airy, it's light.

This hall was designed to ensure that you have space during classes, our teachers can move freely to assist and support you. You have the space to really go deep into your classes without thinking that you will stand on the person next to you. You will find bolsters, mats, straps, blocks, and bricks - you only need to bring yourself here and start to surrender to the traditional teachings. The space is energetic, it pulls the natural energy we all have within - it takes you to your core and lets you dance in the heart.

Access To Nature

Yoga isn't just about the classes and teachings and connecting to the inner nature, it is also about allowing yourself to be connected to the natural world - the beauty of which can bring real inner peace and is purifying. Our location affords this luxury of the energy,  vibration & connection surrounding World Peace Yoga School. Behind the school is the beauty of nature- the jungles are vast, the birds are singing, and the monkeys are playing. Take yourself on this path of nature to the beautiful waterfalls that are a 15-minute walk away through the fauna and foliage created by God.

The waterfall is natural spring water- and you can drink the water, take a quick wash to cool off, or simply sit and listen to nature surrounding you, practice your pranayama with the most purified air of the jungle, sing your mantras and listen to nature sing with you. Meditating and hearing the sound of the waterfall help you to flow into your inner being.

‘Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better’ - Albert Einstein

Approved Certificates

Yoga Alliance International In India

World Peace Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance International in India.

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Our Review & Ratings

What our Student Say About their Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Samantha Folwer


World Peace Yoga School was a great introduction to yoga in India. I have met some very amazing people, teachers and students during my YTTC. All my teachers were passionate and educated.



The accommodation is cozy, the yoga hall is bright and clean, the food is delicious, the extra activities were wonderful, the teachers are amazing and each day is packed with new information and discoveries.

Kim Hasselfeldt


I appreciated being immersed in yoga every day from morning until night. The positive energy from both the teachers and fellow students created beautiful memories that I will always carry with me.

Alexandra Dewar


It was always a positive atmosphere and the teachers were really focused on our growth. I never had a question left unanswered. Coming out of this program, I truly feel like I have all the tools I need to become a yoga teacher.

Liang Fuhuan


It was really a life changing experience for me. This one month study opened the door to yoga for me. I learned that yoga means more than asana and exercises.



Thank you, Vishnu, for such a beautiful experience here at World Peace Yoga School's teacher training course!

Michaela Stacher


There were so many good experiences that I made during my teacher training course! I am carrying a lot at home in my heart.

Nicola Wookey


Thank you, Vishnu, for such a beautiful experience here at World Peace Yoga School's teacher training course!



Thank you, Vishnu, for such a beautiful experience here at World Peace Yoga School's teacher training course!

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