Acro Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

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Acro Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India

Our 10-Day Acro Yoga Teacher Training provides mental and physical health benefits. Acro yoga improves concentration, strength building, and exercises. Acroyoga is more vigorous compared to other yoga practices. It comprises massage, yoga, and acrobatics.


It is considered to be a path to attaining health benefits while enjoying yogic practices. This yoga form grants proper flexibility to your body.

Acro yoga has taken yoga practices to new heights due to its high demand for physical strength. World Peace Yoga School presents a unique combination of acrobatics, healing arts, and yoga in its Acro Yoga TTC in Rishikesh. It is a perfect opportunity for beginners and intermediates.

This acro yoga course is taught by experienced teachers to guide you through meditation practices, yoga, and daily training. We will teach you about the primary roles of acro yoga including spotter, flyer, and base.

Acro yoga has been practiced since hundreds of years ago. The yoga practices need core strengths and teamwork. It may occasionally result in injuries.

The partner’s balance is used to improve attention and alleviate stress.

Highlights Of The Acro Yoga Course:

  • Foundation for acro yoga.
  • Beginner-level practices.
  • Acro asana sequencing.
  • Different training elements.
  • Inversions, alignments, and balance.
  • Specialized acrobatic classes.
  • Sequence and structure a class.
  • Acro yoga principles.
  • Correction and alignments.

Your yoga muscles are prepared for demanding movements and asanas with acro yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. World Peace Yoga School offers a transformative experience while emphasizing high-quality instruction. You will master advanced yoga forms and receive a basic introduction to Acro yoga during the session. Join us in Rishikesh, India, for an intensive Acro YTT experience. During the course, students will get professional guidance, individualized attention, and a supportive community.

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Acro Yoga Teacher Training In World Peace Yoga School

Acro yoga classes improve body awareness, flexibility, strength, joint mobility, core strength, and posture, among other physical attributes. The exercises have psychological and emotional advantages as well. An amazing experience that provides the skills and expertise to teach Acro yoga is the Acro yoga course in Rishikesh. Teachers and practitioners of yoga are very familiar with the discipline. Improve your teaching abilities to reach your greatest potential. You'll get the self-assurance and abilities necessary to instruct an efficient and secure acro yoga class.

Our distinctive yoga teacher training program and skilled yoga instructors are well-known. The campus area is adjacent to well-known tourist attractions yet still far from the crowds. You'll discover serenity and tranquility with views of the mountains. Students will get enough opportunities to practice on their own and pick up instructional strategies. Learn the principles of Acro yoga, basic postures, safety precautions, sequencing, and teaching strategies to gain your certification as a teacher. Study the anatomy, philosophy, and therapeutic applications of yoga.

The teaching methodology creates a fun and accessible path to achieve your goals with a strong foundation. The yoga course includes restorative acrobatic practices to help create a connection. Our training goal follows Learn, Embody, and Lead.

We have mentioned some benefits of joining us:

  • The Best Yoga School in Rishikesh.
  • Yoga Alliance Certification.
  • Experienced Teachers.
  • Supportive Learning Environment.
  • High-Quality Teaching Standards.
  • Assignments, Quizzes, and Final Exam.
  • Lifetime Learning Experience.
  • Advanced Level Certification Course.
  • Acro Yoga Practices.

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Why Choose Rishikesh For Yoga?

Consider Acro Yoga Teacher Training At Rishikesh

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is the source of the sacred Ganga river. The greatest place to learn about spirituality and establish a connection with nature is here. This place is regarded as the birthplace of yoga and the global center for yoga practice. Rishikesh exudes serenity and spirituality. For thousands of years, yogis, rishis, and saints have called it home.  In summary, Rishikesh is home to many outstanding yoga instructors and practitioners. Positive energy and spirituality abound in the surroundings.

Your ambition of becoming a yoga teacher might come true with the support of World Peace Yoga School. We draw more guests, yogis, and students from all over the world because of our distinctive teaching style. Traditional yoga positions, asana, and meditation techniques are all used in an acro yoga course to improve physical wellness. Take into consideration yoga instruction in Rishikesh to have a great time, engage in comprehensive breathing exercises, and boost your confidence.

Rishikesh was the spiritual destination of choice for several yoga teachers, such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Aatma Prakash, Swami Sivananda, Vishnu Panigrahi, and others. It serves as a central location for the numerous ashrams, retreat centers, and yoga schools. You may fully immerse yourself in yoga in this serene environment.

Hatha Yoga Meaning & Purpose | Yogi Ashu ji | Free Preparatory YTTC

Day of Yoga Photoshoot At World Peace Yoga School | Rishikesh

Brief Overview Of What Will You Learn

  • History of Acro yoga.
  • Acro yoga fundamentals.
  • How to teach acro yoga.
  • Spotting measurements
  • Safety measurements.
  • Accessible acro yoga practices.
  • Ethics for yoga teachers.
  • Acro yoga sequencing.
  • Construction of an acro yoga class.
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Different Yoga Forms

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Joint Movement & Warm up Theory | Yogi Ashu ji | Free Preparatory YTTC

Basics of Teaching Methodology - Haripriya

Why Our School Is Special?

Why Choose World Peace Yoga School For Yoga

Why World Peace Yoga School?

  • More than 15 years of teaching experience.
  • The most prestigious Thai yoga school.
  • Located in a peaceful setting.
  • Well-known instructor and practitioner community for yoga.
  • Globally, more than 15,000 yoga instructors have graduated.
  • A team of knowledgeable and skilled teachers.
  • Actors, scientists, writers, and other individuals from over 121 nations were among the attendees.
  • Training facility and school registered with the Yoga Alliance.
  • The ability to teach yoga anywhere in the world after receiving certification.

Why Acro Yoga TTC With World Peace Yoga School?

  • Learn Beginners flow with basic foundations.
  • Asana sequence and training elements.
  • Learn yoga philosophy.
  • In-depth curriculum.
  • Embody facilitation, teaching, and acrobatics skills.
  • Learn community building and healthy communication.
  • Learn techniques and methods.

Why Are We Different?

  • Committed to bringing harmony to the world.
  • Igniting a peace explosion in teachers and students.
  • Attain a worldwide consciousness of love and peace.
  • Fostering global harmony between all races, religions, and cultural traditions.
  • Awareness of healthy lifestyles through our qualified instructors.

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Curriculum For Acro Yoga Training In Rishikesh

The teaching style of Acro yoga, philosophy, cleaning procedures, meditation sessions, and pranayama sessions will all be covered. The World Peace Yoga School follows the following comprehensive curriculum:

A 5-day Acro Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive course designed to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to teach Acro Yoga safely and effectively. Below is a sample curriculum for a 5-day AYTT, but please keep in mind that specific content and schedules can vary between training programs and instructors.

Trust, connection, playfulness, community, teamwork, communication, Mutual support, truthfulness, compassion, Metta and loving kindness is Acro Yoga.

  • History of Acro yoga
  • Foundation of Acro Yoga
  • 3 Elements of Acro Yoga
  • 3 Basic Roles
  • Acro Yoga Asana sequence
  • Inversion training
  • Partner flows
  • Flying Therapeutics-Forward Flying
  • Flying Therapeutics- High Flying whole
  • Flying Therapeutics- Backword Flying
  • Partner Acrobatics
  • Acro Flying Transitions- great wall flow
  • Acro Flying Transitions- Buddha flow
  • Thai Massage flows

Awake From The Ignorance And Unconsciousness

Daily Schedule For Yoga Training

At World Peace Yoga School, we have created the Acro yoga teacher training schedule by focusing on advanced practices to help our students learn in-depth practices. Along with the lessons you acquire from your professors, you will also learn a lot by following the schedule and living responsibly. It will increase your chances of making the essential changes that will eventually provide results, even though your daily schedule may fluctuate. You'll start to see the world in a different light. You will follow this routine during the training:

06:00 AM - 07:00 AM Hatha And Warm Up Excercise

07:00 AM - 08:30 AM Acro Yoga

08:30 AM - 09:00 AM Self Acro Yoga Practice

09:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Acro Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy

12:30 PM - 01:00 PM Self Acro Yoga Practice

01:00 PM Lunch

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM Acro Yoga Practice & Teaching Methodology

05:30 PM - 06:30 PM Meditation

06:30 PM Dinner

09:30 PM Sleep

The timing of teaching and modules may vary dependant on seasons.

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RYT Certification From Yoga Alliance

Graduates will be certified and eligible to teach acro yoga worldwide. So, join our acro yoga certification course to become a yoga teacher. Students will be awarded on the completion of the training and the certificate is recognized globally. If you want to teach acro yoga worldwide, then ensure that you are enrolling in the Yoga Alliance certified yoga school and training course.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides the required accreditation for yoga teacher training including RYT 200, 300, and 500. Moreover, it provides yoga teacher training standards and maintains them worldwide. Teachers should fulfill the required study time to meet the standards.

World Peace Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance-certified school in Rishikesh. Our acro yoga course offers Yoga Alliance certification and provides high-quality training. Obtain the certification by enrolling in our acro yoga course. Grab the chance to become a certified acro yoga teacher. After completing the training you must complete the required practice time to register your profile.

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Upcoming Dates For Acro Yoga TTC In Rishikesh

Begin your Acro yoga journey by selecting upcoming dates:

Dates Price Book Now

2 Sharing Room Private Room

26th To 30th Jul 2024 02 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Aug 2024 04 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Sep 2024 04 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Oct 2024 03 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Nov 2024 04 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Dec 2024 05 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Jan 2025 07 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Feb 2025 05 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $899 $999 Private Room $999 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Mar 2025 06 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

26th To 30th Apr 2025 07 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $599 $999 Private Room $699 $1099 Enroll Now

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Inclusion / Exclusion / Accommodation / Food


We offer shared and private accommodation options that you can choose from. All our rooms are very spacious and equipped with modern amenities. The modern facility includes Wi-Fi, a Hot water supply, a cold water supply, clean bedsheets, a hygienic environment, etc. Experience the yogic lifestyle during your Kundalini yoga training in Rishikesh.

200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Rishikesh-Dining Area

Dining Area






Yoga Hall




We care about your health so we serve healthy and delicious vegetarian meals for our students. We follow the Ayurvedic principles to prepare our meals and only use fresh vegetables or fruits. According to Ayurveda, the human body is influenced by food. A healthy meal offers peace of mind and promotes overall well-being.

What Does The Course Fee Include?

  • Accommodation And Food.
  • Yoga Books and Notes.
  • Fire Ceremony.
  • Assessment or Evaluation Diary.
  • Outdoor Meditation.
  • Mantra Chanting & Kirtan.
  • Herbal tea and vegetarian food.
  • Excursion to the tourist spots.
  • Pre-recorded Video Course for Preparation.
  • E-books on yoga.

What Is Excluded From The Fee?

  • Heaters for rooms. (Extra Fee).
  • Air conditioning. (Extra Fee).
  • Panchkarma, massages, and Ayurvedic treatments. (Offered at a reduced price).
  • Health or trip insurance. (Offered at a reduced price).
  • Visa fee and services for pickup and drop. (Offered at a reduced price).

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What Is Sattvic Or Yogic Diet?

According to yoga, The human body is made up of 5 elements similar to the 5 elements present in food. A yogic or sattvic diet is balanced when the food contains all these five elements. Ayurveda science is based on these principles. According to the body's needs everyone prefers different tastes. You can create diseases when you eat meals without proper knowledge of body requirements.

Sattvic and Yogic diet contains all the required nutrients your body requires to grow and become healthier. Consuming less or too much amount of food is dangerous for your health and the Yogic diet takes care of it. If you want to follow the yogic diet then you must avoid meat, eggs, and other non-veg products. It will make your body more flexible.

The sattvic diet includes clarified butter, herbal teas, honey, sprouted seeds, sprouted grains, nuts, legumes, cheese, nut and seed mils, fruits, vegetables, etc. You can also use plant-based oils like peanuts, mustard, coconut, etc. In short, sattvic food includes freshly prepared and lightly cooked meals. It is a nutrient-rich food and does not include any fried or processed foods.

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Excursion In Rishikesh

The human body and mind require free time to relax to remove stress. Rishikesh is a haven for yoga enthusiasts due to its peaceful atmosphere, rich culture, and natural landscapes. Enjoy the quieter side with lush jungles and rivers. The tranquil surroundings and cool climate create an ideal environment for yoga practices. You will find a blend of spirituality and luxury. Moreover, the stunning sunrises, sunsets, temples, and historical places make it a perfect environment for relaxation. All tourist destinations are appealing to yoga enthusiasts due to their unique combination of cultural and natural beauty. In short, Rishikesh has something to offer for every yoga lover.


Kunjapuri Temple


Vashishtha Cave


Parmarth Niketan


Ganga Beach

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What Our Graduates Say About Acro Yoga Course

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Clean your karma and samskara by yogic wisdom

Best Yoga Teachers In Rishikesh

World Peace Yoga School has become a close-knit family of certified teachers over the years. Opting to finish your yoga teacher training with us enhances your yoga skills and adds to the wider yoga community. Our dedicated teachers are committed to providing excellent training and knowledge. They will guide you through your Acro YTTC in Rishikesh using an intuitive approach and drawing from their extensive experience, offering you deep ancient wisdom and practical teaching techniques.

Yogi Vinshu Panigraphi

25+ Years

Read More

Yogini Haripriya

15+ Years

Read More

Ashutosh Mishra

10+ Years

Read More

Yogi Naveen

10+ Years

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Yogini Neha

08+ Years

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Yogi Sunil

12+ Years

Read More

Mandeep Bhatt

15+ Years

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Sujata Ray (Mili)

08+ Years

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Umakanta Sahoo (Guna)

08+ Years

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Yogi Praveen Rajput

18+ Years

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We Follow

The 5000 Years Old Yoga Tradition of The Himalayan Masters

Agastya Muni

He is the author of some verses of Rig Veda, He is the one of the most seven revered rishi, one of the siddha of shavism tradition.

Patanjali (4th Century BC)

A great Raja Yogi of Siddha Tradition, Writer of Yoga Sutra- here he brought all 4000 yoga tradition in 196 sutras and make easy.

Siddha Bhogar (550 BC)

A great Siddha accomplished yogi and disciple of Agastya Muni.

Mahavatar Babaji (30 Nov 203 AD still alive in Himalayas)

An immortal yogi of Himalaya, disciple of Siddha Bhogar Nather.

Guru Vishnu: (1974 birth and now in Rishikesh)

Leading Master of yoga and meditation of the ancient Himalayan Tradition. He is the disciple of Swami Veda Bharati and founder of World Peace Yoga School.

Swami Veda Bharati: (1933-2015)

Founder of AHYMSIN, a great yogi and writer of many yoga books. (Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas)

Swami Rama(1925-1996)

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Bengali Baba.

Bengali Baba

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.

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What Makes Yoga In Rishikesh Different From Others?

Rishikesh's culture and stunning temples have earned it the title of "The Yoga Capital of the World." Explore yoga at a higher level to discover a more complete and healthful way of living that is surrounded by bizarre scenery and traditional yoga techniques. Travelers, yogis, nature enthusiasts, yoga instructors, and yogis may all enjoy the breathtaking scenery and stunning beaches of Rishikesh. It's also a great place for yoga practitioners to go. In Rishikesh, several yoga institutes provide teacher training.

One of the destinations that yoga instructors travel to the most in the globe these days is Rishikesh. It's a yoga enthusiast's paradise. Rishikesh's spiritual vitality and attention are evident in everything. Rishikesh is brimming with culture and breathtaking landscapes. It is the greatest place to practice yoga and provides a wonderful experience that will improve your body, mind, and spirit. The culture joyfully supports your objectives and offers several chances to learn about temples and spirituality.


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More About World Peace Yoga School

  • Air Ventilated Yoga Halls.
  • Luxurious Accommodation.
  • Fully furnished rooms.
  • Private and Shared accommodation.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Lovely garden area for relaxation.
  • Online Course Access for 1 Year.
  • Large Dining Hall.
  • Teachers Support.
  • 24x7 Reception.
  • Unlimited cold and hot water supply.
  • Free Wi-Fi Access.
  • Cheap Laundry Charges.
  • Peaceful location.

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Recommended Books And Prerequisites


  • Able to hold the 30-second plank.
  • Can perform 10 push-ups.
  • Able to perform a downward pose.
  • Can touch your ankles.
  • Able to perform a handstand for 30 seconds against the wall.

Famous Yoga Books

Students will get several books and study materials after enrolling in our Acro yoga training in Rishikesh. Additionally, an online preparatory course will be offered without any additional cost. Here are some famous books that will enhance your knowledge and skills.


Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff


Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha


Daily Life of a Yogi By Guru Vishnu


Himalayan Tradition Of Yoga Meditation


Manta Book By Guru Vishnu Ji


Meditation And Its Methods


Yoga Nidra Swami Satyananda Ji


Patanjali Yoga Sutras Bu Swami Vivekanand


The real guru is within you ready to help and guide you

Your Career In Yoga After RYT Certification

After Yoga Training

  • Achieve the highest level of yoga certification.
  • Transform into a confident, wise, and strong yoga teacher.
  • Lead safe and inspiring yoga classes.
  • Think of World Peace Yoga School as your second home, where you'll always receive a warm welcome.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge through our online courses.
  • Explore different yoga styles to enhance your understanding.
  • Enroll as a certified RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.
  • Enroll as a certified RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.

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If You Need To Leave Early

  • The training fee is non-refundable.
  • Consider joining upcoming training sessions to continue your yoga journey.
  • We can arrange the certification exam earlier if you need to leave a couple of days before.
  • You will only be awarded a certificate upon completion of the entire training.

On Your Free Day

  • Sunday is designated as your day off.
  • Engage in yoga poses and meditation for relaxation.
  • Participate in two excursions as part of your training.
  • Explore local restaurants and nearby areas.
  • Take it easy, practice, and spend some time reading.

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FAQ’s About Acro YTTC In Rishikesh

What Is Acro Yoga?

Acroyoga is also known as acrobatic yoga. It's a partner-based yoga practice that includes yoga, therapeutic touch, and acrobatics. The yoga practices include spotter, flyer, and base.

What Are The Benefits Of Acro Yoga?

Adopting acro yoga to your fitness routine gives several benefits including physical strength, coordination, balance, stress reduction, communication, trust, social interaction, therapeutic advantages, enhanced body awareness, posture improvement, and personal development.

What Are The Fundamental Poses Of Acro Yoga?

The fundamental poses of acro yoga include throne, bird, high-flying whale, spotting techniques, and communication cues.

What Are The Precautions For Acro Yoga?

Here are the precautions and tips for acro yoga:

  • Building endurance and strength.
  • Coordination and Balancing.
  • Trust and Communication.
  • Warm Up.
  • Spotting techniques.
  • Recovery and rest.
What Are The Requirements To Join The Acro Yoga Course?

The only prerequisite for our students is to come with a curious and open mind. However, basic yoga knowledge will be beneficial for you. If you have completed any Yoga Alliance-approved course, then you can add the training time to the YACEP.

How Many Students Are There In The Class?

We offer limited seats for our acro yoga course in Rishikesh to maintain the quality of our teachings. The number of maximum students for the acro yoga course will be between 10 to 20 per batch.

Is This Course Certified By Yoga Alliance?

Yes, all our courses are approved by Yoga Alliance and we provide a certificate after you complete the acro yoga course.

Always Remember You Are The Whole

Rules & Refund Policy Of World Peace Yoga School

Code Of Conduct For Students

World Peace Yoga School expects its students to follow these rules:

  • Attend all classes and be on time.
  • Return any borrowed maps, books, or stuff.
  • Be respectful to others during your training.
  • Maintain peace and follow all the discipline during class.
  • Non-veg food, Alcohol, and Smoking are strictly prohibited on campus.
  • The certification requires complete attendance and a final examination.
  • Avoid food wastage and inform kitchen staff in case you are not having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Accommodation is only for trainees, your friends or family can’t stay at campus premises.

Compliance With Yoga Alliance Guidelines

World Peace Yoga School follows all the guidelines from the Yoga Alliance. We have included all the topics for RYS teacher training in our curriculum. The curriculum includes Acro techniques, training, practice, teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, etc. We follow the minimum number of hours in each category defined by the organization. Students will get additional hours of study in the defined categories.

Our students should be aware of the following policies:

  • Attendance Policy: All students must attend the classes and events during the yoga teacher training course. We monitor the performance of each student during the training and it impacts your overall certification.
  • Anti-Retaliation Policy: The anti-retaliation policy protects our trainees against violation, engagement in physical or verbal abuse, threats, etc.
  • Anti-Harassment Policy: This policy protects our students from discrimination based on personal characteristics, race, age, sex, ethnicity, gender, etc. It also protects from sexual harassment.

Refund Policy At World Peace Yoga School

World Peace Yoga School does not refund registration fees. You must inform us 30 days in advance to join our upcoming yoga training batch. No refunds will be issued after the course begins. However, you can reschedule the date if you miss the training due to flight cancellation or illness.

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Our Review & Ratings

What Our Students Say About Their Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Gabriele Di Mauro

United States

I had an incredible time during the acro yoga teacher training at World Peace Yoga School. Guruji was very knowledgeable and had a different kind of charm. All the teachers were exceptionally friendly, they were treating us like family members. There was a nurturing and warm environment that fostered knowledge. I highly recommend this school for its excellent experience and expert guidance.

Gabriele Di Mauro

Olivia Whalley


I stayed for one month here. The teachers were excellent and provided a lot of help with adjustments and alignments. Philosophy created a deeper understanding of acro yoga. The food was vegetarian and the staff was very helpful and kind. I felt my body change over a month and deepened my yoga practices.

Olivia Whalley

Sofie Swiecki


I had a great experience in World Peace Yoga School. The teachers were experts in their field and i loved all classes. I took up an acro yoga teacher training course. I loved the healthy food and had a very comfortable stay during the course. Everyone including teachers, kitchen staff, and staff members was welcoming. I would highly recommend the school if you want to take a step further in your yoga practices.

Sofie Swiecki

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