Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course In Thailand

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Hybrid Pre-natal Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Our hybrid prenatal yoga teacher training is a combination of 5 days of on-site and virtual yoga sessions. The in-person classes are taught by experienced professionals and teachers. All mandatory classes are included in the in-person training sessions. The course is a combo of live-stream sessions, online recorded videos, and in-person training. The in-person sessions include 5 days of on-site classes with accommodation and food. There is no fixed time frame but it is advised to complete the training in 1-2 months.

Once you complete the online course, there will be an exam to test your knowledge and skills. After passing the exam, each student will receive a certificate via email. You will get access to the online pre-recorded videos after joining the in-person training. Students can access the recorded videos for one year.

Suppose you're seeking an 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training Course from a Yoga Alliance-registered Yoga School. In that case, you've come to the right spot.


Our Prenatal Teacher Training Course will entirely shift your perspective on Prenatal Yoga, as you will be able to engage with expecting women from all over the world during live sessions, introducing you to the amazing and peaceful world of Prenatal Yoga.

This is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Prenatal TTC in Thailand that is a must-have for anybody working with pregnant women. World Peace Yoga School was among the first to introduce this training on a worldwide scale.

Our Prenatal Teacher Training Course provides a comprehensive and balanced mix of theory, meditation, and asanas, providing students with invaluable knowledge, skills, and the ability to teach Yoga to teachers, pregnant women, and anyone else who works with pregnant women in complete safety, belief, and confidence.

World Peace Yoga School had to adapt and overcome several hurdles to develop teaching approaches that we had never considered before.

World Peace Yoga School, together with its committed team, has invested significant time, effort, and money in developing new teaching methods to empower our students. Here are some key elements of the training:

  • Sowing the seeds of meditation, prayer, and yoga to prepare the mother for the birth of a healthy, happy, smart, and tranquil bundle of joy.
  • The yoga method for conceiving children.
  • The spiritual path of pregnancy.
  • Yogic approaches for internal communication.
  • Training and communication with your baby throughout pregnancy.
  • How to deal with emotional, psychological, physical changes, and spiritual awareness when pregnant.
  • Ayurvedic therapies before and after the pregnancy.
  • Staying healthy during pregnancy.
  • Understanding parenthood from both anatomical and psychological perspectives.
  • Recovery plan And Postpartum care

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What Is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga is a yoga form suitable for pregnant women. It creates a balance between spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. This yoga form is all about helping someone prepare for childbirth. You need to focus on safe techniques and relax the body in all stages of pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is particularly created for pregnant women and consists of exercise, asanas, meditation, and specialized breathing methods to prepare the body and mind for the various phases of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. It also includes stretching, improving flexibility, relaxing, and coping with pregnancy-related mood changes.

The purpose is to help expectant moms prepare for a more comfortable and natural delivery. Studying at World Peace Yoga School will provide you with all of the necessary knowledge to become a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher. World Peace Yoga School is one of the institutions that offers this education and sets the standard in this field.

What distinguishes us from others is that our goal is to make the mother-to-be's pregnancy experience as comfortable as possible by helping her through the physical changes, addressing the difficulties of pregnancy, and managing her mental state and anxiety. This is accomplished by our highly qualified instructors, who are experts in subject matter, communication, listening, teamwork, adaptation, patience, and kindness.

Eligibility And Prerequisite

There are no requirements to join this yoga teacher training in Thailand but having some yoga knowledge will be beneficial for you.

  • To teach public sessions in this specialist course, you must have completed a course and have at least six months of Yoga practice.
  • This course is appropriate for existing yoga instructors interested in pursuing Prenatal Yoga Teacher training.
  • Prenatal training is essential for anyone who deals with pregnant mothers.
  • Pregnant mothers are allowed to participate.
  • Anyone interested in exercising properly throughout pregnancy, as well as safe baby delivery.

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Brief Overview Of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

After completing this accredited Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will be able to confidently teach your sessions and give your students an in-depth understanding of the pregnant woman's journey. The ancient Yogis have long discussed the link between Yoga and childbirth, but the advantages and popularity of Yoga during pregnancy have only lately gained traction due to its demonstrated efficacy throughout pregnancy and recovery.

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, maybe a difficult and intimidating experience, and Prenatal Yoga can help women feel strong throughout and after pregnancy. Stretching exercises and Yoga postures are particularly designed to alleviate the usual lower back discomfort that occurs during pregnancy. Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the most effective methods to ensure a healthy and painless birth.

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What Will You Learn In Prenatal YTT In Thailand?

  • In-depth and Intensive Prenatal Yoga course.
  • Pre and post-pregnancy habits.
  • Yoga And Pregnancy.
  • Nutrition, Herbs, And Ayurveda.
  • Trimesters Knowledge.
  • Yoga Philosophy for Pregnant Women.
  • Bandhas
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Pranayama.
  • Asana Practices.
  • Prenatal Sun Salutation.
  • Use Of Props During Pregnancy.
  • Alignment and Anatomical Knowledge.
  • Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Special Breathing Practices.
  • Womb Purification.
  • Healing yoga therapy.
  • Modification and Adjustments.
  • Therapeutic postures.
  • Prenatal Attachment.
  • Emotional and spiritual transformations.
  • Yoga Sequencing
  • Yoga Methodologies.

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Why Our School Is Special?

More About World Peace Yoga School In Thailand

Why Choose Prenatal Yoga Training?

  • Intensive and Comprehensive Yoga Course.
  • Complete Curriculum.
  • Extra classes for Yoga forms.
  • Learn the science behind yoga.
  • Scientific study of yoga practices.
  • Modern facilities and meditation laboratory.
  • Vedic and Yoga Scriptures.
  • Hygienic, Healthy, and Clean environment.
  • Peaceful and Secure Atmosphere.
  • Family-like Environment.
  • Yogic lifestyle.

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Why Choose Us?

  • 1 Yoga School in Thailand.
  • Best Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.
  • Yoga Alliance Accredited School.
  • 15+ Years Of Teaching and Guiding Experience.
  • Located In A Peaceful Environment.
  • Worldwide Yoga Students.
  • Skilled, Experienced, and Certified Group Of Teachers.
  • 20,000+ Worldwide Yoga Graduates.

Why Are We Different?

  • Awareness of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Creating unity between different religions and cultures.
  • Bring Harmony and Peace to the world.
  • Experienced and humble team members.
  • Affordable prices and courses.
  • Lifetime learning experience.

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85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Details

All about Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Welcome Message and introduction to Prenatal TTC
  • Initiation to this journey (500 years old tradition)
  • Preparation to initiation into Himalayan Tradition
  • Initiation/Guru Prayers
  • What is Pregnancy Yoga and why it is important to a RPYT
  • Eligibility and who can join RPYT
  • About our experience about Prenatal Yoga Course
  • Aims and Objectives of prenatal Yoga TTC
  • Prenatal yoga to bring new generation of good people
  • Lifestyle during your course
  • How to use the videoes and books/Manuals for your study
  • Assignments and examination
  • Certification and registration

Books, Manuals & study materials

  • Pre-Natal Asana Manual
  • Post-Natal Asana Manual
  • Mantra Manual
  • Pre-natal Meditation Manual
  • Pre-Natal Pranayama Manual
  • Daily life of a yogi book (Yogi Vishnu)
  • Prenatal Yoga Anatomy and Therapy
  • Prenatal Yoga Nidra Manual
  • Teaching Methodology Manual
  • Assignments and Instructions

Pre-natal Teaching Methodology

  • Important factors about pregnancy
  • What should the student and teacher know
  • How to prepare a Pregnancy yoga class
  • Different hormonal stages and percussion during the class
  • How to make sequence a prenatal class
  • Voice tone
  • Class setup and music and light
  • Proper guidance to be connected with inner self as well as with the baby inside
  • Emotion and fear management

Beginning step of Prenatal Yoga

  • Prepare students for different changes in body and mind
  • How to relax and peaceful during pregnancy
  • How to move your body and continuing warm up exercises
  • Student should understand the different variations of yoga practices
  • How much dynamic exercise can one do during pregnancy
  • Therapeutic/restorative asana practice with breathing
  • Preparation for the birth- a great event in life for a woman

Prenatal Yoga Therapy for different issue:

  • for spine and back issue
  • For digestion
  • Sleeping issue
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fear and anger
  • Breathing issue
  • Pelvic floor
  • Other problems

How can you guide yourself in each trimester?

  • first Trimester
  • second trimester
  • third trimester
  • before the labor
  • During the labor

Asana Practices

Early Pregnancy Yoga (1-3 Month)

  • Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt)
  • Trikonasana (Easy Triangle)
  • Sarvangasana ( Shoulder stand)
  • Shoulder Stretches.
  • Sitting Stretches.
  • Breath and Awareness.
  • Basic Pelvic Alignment.
  • Spinal Rolls.

Mid Pregnancy (4-6 months)

  • Surya Namaskar.
  • Advanced Triangle to Moon.
  • Easy Archer to Warrior.
  • Tree pose.
  • Standing Hip Openers.
  • Strong Centering Poses.
  • Easy Kneeling Stretches.
  • Dynamic Kneeling Stretches.
  • Standing Twists.
  • Easy Triangle to the moon.
  • Advanced Kneeling Stretches.
  • Alignment of spine sitting chair stretches.
  • Sitting stretches.
  • Wide-open stretches.
  • Pelvic floor stretches.
  • Breath awareness.

Late Pregnancy (7-9 months)

  • Sitting stretches.
  • Wide Kneeling Stretches.
  • Yoga For better sleep.
  • Alignment of the spine.
  • Sun salutation.
  • Circular stretches.
  • Warrior to the wall.
  • Warrior to the wall.

Post-Natal Yoga

  • Post-Natal Surya Namaskar.
  • Abdominal Stretches.
  • Gentle Back Stretches.
  • Sitting Twists.
  • Kneeling Stretches.
  • Kneeling Sun Salutation.
  • Standing Sun Salutation.
  • Standing Forward Bend.
  • Rolling Plough.


  • Basics of Meditation
    • Learn how to sit in pregnancy
    • How to breathe in pregnancy
    • How to relax in pregnancy
    • How to meditate in Pregnancy
  • Pranava Dhyan(AUM chanting and reaching to the fetus inside the womb)
  • Pregnancy meditation for baby in the womb
  • So-hum meditation
  • Pregnancy Mantra Meditation
  • Nadabramha (Humming Meditation)
  • Womb cleaning meditation


  • Prenatal Message
  • Post Natal Massage
  • Baby Massage

Healing Practices

  • Reiki Healing for the womb and baby
  • Mantra Healing for the mother and child
  • Naval cord healing

Breathing Practices for Pregnant Women

  • Kapalbhati during pregnancy
  • Bhastrika during pregnancy
  • Nadisodhanam
  • Bhramari
  • Ujjayi healing breath
  • Naval cord breathing
  • Peaceful breathing
  • Mantra breathing awareness
  • Healing Breath awareness for baby

Awareness & Cautions

  • Cautions and conditions
  • Pelvic floor and how to locate it

Pregnancy Yoga Anatomy

  • Anatomical and physical changes
  • How organs function during pregnancy
  • Complications (Miscarriage, Premature Labor, Preeclampsia)
  • Anatomy of the womb - the sacred yoni
  • Fetal development
  • Ailments and discomforts of pregnancy
  • Guidelines- fetal positioning

Mantra for Pregnancy

  • For Normal Delivery.
  • Removing Pain.
  • For Good Environment at Home.
  • Good Health.
  • Peace in mind
  • For the baby
  • For positivity
  • To remove obstacles

Sex during Pregnancy

  • Allowed or Not.
  • Special Care during Relationship.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

  • Understanding the true meaning of Yoga in Pregnancy
  • Practical understanding of eight limbs
  • Yogic culture and spirituality during pregnancy
  • 16 Samskara
    • How to conceive the baby(Garbhadharan)
    • Spiritual Purification of the fetus in 3rd month
    • Spiritual Purification of the fetus in 7th month
    • Spiritual Purification of newborn baby during birth
    • How to name a baby
    • Mundan samskara for the baby
    • Food for the baby
  • Ethics of a Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • The mind of a mother
  • Motherhood is a blessing
  • Tantrik understanding of Feminism
  • Relationship of wise and husband during pregnancy

Yoga Nidra

  • Prenatal Yoga Nidra preparation
  • Deep relaxation
  • 31 point blue star Yoga Nidra
  • 61 point blue star yoga Nidra
  • Inner light yoga Nidra
  • Inner silence yoga Nidra

Mudra for Pregnancy

  • Importance of Mudra during pregnancy
  • Best mudra during pregnancy
  • Best mudra during labor
  • Helpful mudras

Nutrition and lift style during pregnancy

  • Foods to Avoid.
  • Healthy Foods.
  • Nutrients that help during Pregnancy.
  • Food to balance bata, pitta, and Kapha during labor

Ayurveda tips

  • Basics of Ayurveda
  • Herbs and nutrition
  • Ayurveda medicines
  • Ayurveda before, during, and after pregnancy

What should you do during labor

  • Breathing during labor
  • Mantra during labor
  • Caring during labor
  • Role of the father during labor
  • Best labor techniques
  • Meditation/visualization

Assessments are based on

  • Written Test.
  • Oral Test.
  • Attendance.
  • Performance.
  • Behavior.

Caring New born baby

  • Baby Massage.
  • Feeding Milk.
  • Food after 6 months.
  • Mantra for Baby.
  • Special Care.

Birth and delivery

  • Medical and holistic models of care
  • Birth choices/empowered birth
  • Stages of labor and yoga for birthing

Awake From The Ignorance And Unconsciousness

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule

Only during an emergency or sickness may you take leave with the agreement of your respected teachers. Uninformed departures will not be allowed, affecting the student's performance. Each lesson is vital for your development. You may have varied habits in your everyday life, but by committing to the entire program, you will have a better chance of transformation.

05:30 AM Self Practice & Self Awareness

06:15 AM Pranayama and Shatkarma

07:30 AM Hatha Yoga

09:00 AM Breakfast

10:45 AM Yoga Anatomy

12:00 AM Yoga Alignment & Adjustment/ Teaching Methodology

01:15 PM Lunch

02:30 PM Self Study

03:45 PM Yoga Philosophy

05:00 PM Ayurveda Yoga

07:00 PM Dinner

09:00 PM Self Reflection and Meditation

The timing of teaching and modules may vary dependant on seasons.

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RYT 85 Prenatal Yoga Certification From Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is an International organization that provides guidelines for yoga schools and curriculum requirements to maintain the quality of yoga teacher training courses. The Yoga Alliance directory represents more than 25000 yoga schools and teachers. If you want to register yourself then you must meet the training standards and practice time. World Peace Yoga School is a yoga alliance-approved school. All yoga students who complete a specified level of yoga teacher training, receive a completion certificate from RYS.

After that, students can enroll in the other Yoga Teacher Training Course. They can register as yoga instructors with the Yoga Alliance after obtaining RYT-200, RYT-300, or RYT-500 certification. The RYT Prenatal Yoga certification gives you an international identification for your ability, expertise, and training. People feel comfortable employing you because they know your experience and training satisfy the Alliance's requirements.

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Upcoming Dates For Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Dates Price Book Now

2 Sharing Room Private Room Dormitory

25th To 30th Apr 2024 01 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th May 2024 02 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Jun 2024 04 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Jul 2024 04 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Aug 2024 03 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Sep 2024 03 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Oct 2024 07 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Nov 2024 07 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Dec 2024 05 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 30th Jan 2025 05 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

25th To 28th Feb 2025 06 Seats left 2 Sharing Room $1099 $1499 Private Room $1299 $1699 4 Sharing Room $999 $1399 Enroll Now

What Else You Get?

Accommodation, Food, And Other Services

Food And Accommodation

We are concerned about your health, thus we provide the most delicious, nutritious vegetarian food for you. Ayurveda, the most important health science, holds that the nature of the body is entirely dependent on and impacted by diet. Your health and comfort of mind are both improved when you eat well. World Peace Yoga School offers a distinct and compelling experience that sets it apart from other yoga schools in Thailand.

The wide sea-facing rooms, which are available in private or shared configurations, provide outstanding comfort and breathtaking views. Your stay will provide a combination of contemporary facilities, safety, and total comfort. Additional services include Wi-Fi, towels, and restrooms. Enroll in one of our Thai yoga classes to fire your passion and awaken your senses. Throughout your learning journey with us, you will be served a daily buffet of substantial and healthy vegetarian meals, which is included in the course fee. Begin your day correctly with a nutritious breakfast.

Lunch and supper menus provide a variety of salads, curries, and other plant-based dishes inspired by Thai, Indian, and Western cuisines. The majority of our cuisine is vegetarian, with few vegan options (designated expressly). On all teaching days, the training fee includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Several local restaurants provide a choice of healthful and traditional Thai cuisine.

200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area
200-Hour-Yoga-Teacher-Training-In-Bali-Dining Area

What Is Yogic Diet?

The yogic diet is founded on the yoga principles of purity, nonviolence, and a balanced lifestyle. It comprises of sattvic meals that boost energy and promote mental and physical equilibrium.  Rajasic and Tamasic foods are limited or avoided whenever feasible because their low vibration or life energy and inherent poisons deplete the vitality of the person consuming them.

Yogis advocate for a vegetarian/vegan diet, as one of the fundamental principles of yoga is not to hurt any living creature. This is a clean diet that, with proper preparation, leads to maximum health and a calm mind in command of a healthy body.

Sattvic foods are clean and life-giving, supporting health, vigor, strength, and relaxation. Fresh fruit and juices, vegetables and herbs, honey, whole grains, nuts, and seeds should be organically grown, locally sourced, unprocessed (where feasible), and devoid of additives and preservatives.

These meals are easily digestible.  Eating slowly, chewing thoroughly, and savouring each meal are all considered sattvic.

Yogic diet supplies essential nutrients that the body requires to flourish. Consuming too little or too much food is also dangerous for our health, thus a balanced diet is essential. Yogis always shun tamasic foods, such as meat and eggs.

Avoiding tamasic foods increases your flexibility and compassion. Listen to Guruji's Vegetarianism Lecture. A vegetarian or healthy diet includes green vegetables, fresh fruits, lentils, beans, and plant-based oils such as coconut, mustard, and peanuts. This type of meal is easier to digest and helps us feel lighter, more tranquil, and conscious.

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Course Fee Includes

  • 5 nights and 6 days of shared accommodation.
  • Yoga books.
  • Notebooks and pens.
  • Cleansing kits.
  • Fire ceremony.
  • Evaluation/assessment diary and outdoor Yoga and Kirtan Eve.
  • Daily nutrient-dense vegetarian meals,
  • Juices and Detox tea.
  • A sightseeing tour and Weekend trips.
  • Study excursions to various ashrams and shrines.
  • Towels and bed linens are replaced every Sunday.
  • Online pre-recorded course videos.

What Is Not Included In The Fees

  • Private rooms.
  • Room Heaters & Air Conditioning.
  • Healing sessions.
  • Doctor Visits and Treatments.
  • Massages and Healing sessions.

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Excursion During Yoga Course In Thailand

Taking breaks is important for the body and mind to relax and reduce stress. Thailand, known for its calm atmosphere, lively culture, and natural beauty, is a great place for yoga lovers. Enjoy the lively energy of Koh Phangan's full moon parties or explore its quieter side with lush jungles and quiet beaches. Chiang Mai, with its relaxed feel and ancient temples, provides a peaceful setting for yoga in a calm environment and cool weather. Koh Samui combines spirituality and luxury, offering beautiful sunsets, coconut groves, and pristine beaches for self-reflection and relaxation. Each destination has its unique mix of cultural and natural attractions that appeal to yoga enthusiasts. In short, Thailand has something special for every yoga lover.


Kunjapuri Temple


Vashishtha Cave


Parmarth Niketan


Ganga Beach

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What Our Graduates Say About 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Course

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Clean your karma and samskara by yogic wisdom

Best Yoga Teachers In Thailand

World Peace Yoga School has become a close-knit family of certified teachers over the years. Opting to finish your yoga teacher training with us enhances your skills and adds to the wider yoga community. Our dedicated teachers are committed to providing excellent training and knowledge. They will guide you through your yoga training in Thailand using an intuitive approach and drawing from their extensive experience, offering you deep ancient wisdom and practical teaching techniques.

Yogi Vinshu Panigraphi

25+ Years

Read More

Yogini Haripriya

15+ Years

Read More

Ashutosh Mishra

10+ Years

Read More

Yogi Naveen

10+ Years

Read More

Yogini Neha

08+ Years

Read More

Yogi Sunil

12+ Years

Read More

Mandeep Bhatt

15+ Years

Read More

Sujata Ray (Mili)

08+ Years

Read More

Umakanta Sahoo (Guna)

08+ Years

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Yogi Praveen Rajput

18+ Years

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We Follow

The 5000 Years Old Yoga Tradition of The Himalayan Masters

Agastya Muni

He is the author of some verses of Rig Veda, He is the one of the most seven revered rishi, one of the siddha of shavism tradition.

Patanjali (4th Century BC)

A great Raja Yogi of Siddha Tradition, Writer of Yoga Sutra- here he brought all 4000 yoga tradition in 196 sutras and make easy.

Siddha Bhogar (550 BC)

A great Siddha accomplished yogi and disciple of Agastya Muni.

Mahavatar Babaji (30 Nov 203 AD still alive in Himalayas)

An immortal yogi of Himalaya, disciple of Siddha Bhogar Nather.

Guru Vishnu: (1974 birth and now in Rishikesh)

Leading Master of yoga and meditation of the ancient Himalayan Tradition. He is the disciple of Swami Veda Bharati and founder of World Peace Yoga School.

Swami Veda Bharati: (1933-2015)

Founder of AHYMSIN, a great yogi and writer of many yoga books. (Disciple of Swami Rama of the Himalayas)

Swami Rama(1925-1996)

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Bengali Baba.

Bengali Baba

A Himalayan Yogi disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.

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Why Choose Thailand For Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Thailand is well-known as "The Land Of Thousand Smiles" due to its beautiful beaches and picturesque temples. Take a yoga journey to adopt a holistic and healthier lifestyle, following ancient yoga practices amidst stunning landscapes. Whether you're a traveler, nature lover, or yogi, Thailand has something unique to offer with its breathtaking scenery and lovely beaches. Moreover, it's a great place for yoga enthusiasts, offering a variety of yoga workshops, retreats, and studios for those interested in yoga teacher training in Thailand.

In recent years, Thailand has become one of the top destinations worldwide, drawing a large number of visitors. According to global tourism rankings, Thailand is the second most-visited country in Asia. It serves as a perfect playground for yoga enthusiasts, allowing you to absorb the country's spiritual energy and mindfulness. Thailand's rich culture and stunning scenery are always present, making it an ideal destination for a fulfilling experience that nurtures your soul, body, and mind. The Thai culture harmoniously aligns with your wellness goals, offering many opportunities to explore temples and spirituality.


Nobody can help you unless you help yourself

Special About World Peace Yoga School

  • Three large yoga halls
  • Air-ventilated and fully furnished hall
  • Indoor Meditation Cave
  • Fully furnished rooms with private bathrooms
  • CCTV surveillance & Parking
  • A lovely garden and the Forest behind the ashram
  • Teacher support is available at all times.
  • A large dining hall.
  • 24-hour reception available.
  • 24-hour cold, hot, and drinking water supply.
  • Free Wi-Fi Facility.
  • A low-cost laundry service
  • Nearby Market Area.

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Preparation And Recommended Books


Here are the things you must do before joining our yoga teacher training course:

  • Be self-motivated.
  • Nudity is not allowed in the campus area.
  • We prohibit the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, eggs, meat, and any meat-based products.
  • Stop consuming any harmful drugs.
  • Adapt a yogic lifestyle.

Famous Yoga Books

After enrolling in the course, all books and study materials will be distributed, and a free 50-hour online preparation course will be provided.


Yoga Anatomy By Leslie Kaminoff


Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha


Daily Life of a Yogi By Guru Vishnu


Himalayan Tradition Of Yoga Meditation


Manta Book By Guru Vishnu Ji


Meditation And Its Methods


Yoga Nidra Swami Satyananda Ji


Patanjali Yoga Sutras Bu Swami Vivekanand


The real guru is within you ready to help and guide you

During 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

After Yoga Training

  • Get the Yoga Alliance certification.
  • Transform into a confident, wise, and strong prenatal yoga teacher.
  • Lead safe and inspiring yoga classes.
  • Think of World Peace Yoga School in Thailand as your second home, where you'll always receive a warm welcome.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge through our courses.
  • Explore different yoga styles to enhance your understanding.
  • Enroll as a certified RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance.

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Leave Early

  • The training fee is non-refundable.
  • Consider joining upcoming training sessions to continue your yoga journey.
  • We can arrange the certification exam earlier if you need to leave a couple of days before.
  • You will only be awarded a certificate upon completion of the entire training.

Your Free Day

  • Sunday is designated as your day off.
  • Engage in yoga poses and meditation for relaxation.
  • Participate in two excursions as part of your training.
  • Explore local restaurants and nearby areas.
  • Take it easy, practice, and spend some time reading.

Your Everyday Retreat

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FAQs About 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Course In Thailand

What Is Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is designed for experienced yoga teachers, doctors, or instructors to help pregnant women. The course offers the abilities and understanding to correctly teach yoga to pregnant ladies.

What Are The Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga assists you in enhancing flexibility, teaching respiration techniques, lessening pressure, and offering self-relaxation. It helps pregnant women to tone their bodies and relieve body pressure.

How Do I Become A Prenatal Yoga Teacher?

If you are a yoga teacher and have a yoga teacher training certificate like RYT200, RYT300, or RYT500, then you can join our 85-Hour Prenatal Yoga Course to become a prenatal yoga teacher. After completing the course we will give you a certificate that will help you to build your career as a prenatal instructor.

What Are The Subjects Included In This Training?

Prenatal yoga teacher training includes yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, nutrition, meditation, and mantra chanting knowledge. 

Can I Teach Prenatal Yoga After Finishing The Course?

Yes, You can start teaching prenatal yoga and assisting ladies after the training. But, it is ideal to practice these asana and meditation techniques to gather confidence. You must also read some pre-natal yoga books to get in-depth yoga knowledge.

What Is The Difference Between Prenatal And Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal yoga focuses on recovering after childbirth, regaining strength, and allowing a comfortable life. However, Prenatal yoga helps you to gain strength and power for childbirth. Both yoga forms are designed for pregnant women. Both yoga forms promote stress relief and relaxation.

Will I Receive Any Certification After The Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Yes, You will receive a completion certificate that you can use to register with Yoga Alliance and become a member. It gives you Yoga Alliance RPYT certification and makes you qualified to teach pre-natal yoga.

Why Should I Choose This Certification Course?

In the field of teaching prenatal yoga, RPYT accreditation is considered the gold standard. An RPYT certification offers you the best credentials available, even while our basic Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is enough to train you to become a highly skilled Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

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Policies And Rules Of World Peace Yoga School

Code Of Conduct For Students

World Peace Yoga School requires students to adhere to these rules:

  • Smoking, alcohol, and non-vegetarian foods, including eggs, are strictly forbidden at school.
  • To reduce food waste, inform the kitchen manager ahead of time if you plan to fast or dine out on any given day.
  • Always maintain discipline on the premises and show respect to the teachers by following all of the regulations.
  • Maintain punctuality and appear on time for lessons; latecomers will not be allowed to participate.
  • Return any books, maps, or items borrowed from our institution.
  • World Peace Yoga School provides accommodation solely to students enrolled in our Yoga classes.
  • World Peace Yoga School's planned programs need complete attendance.

Compliance With Yoga Alliance Guidelines

Our renowned Yoga institution in the heart of Rishikesh advises all students to be aware of the following student policy requirements.

  • Anti-Harassment Policy: Yoga Alliance protects against all forms of harassment, including sexual, discriminatory, personal, physical, online, and so on.
  • Anti-Retaliation Policy: This policy protects against any form of retaliation against anyone who report a violation of your code of conduct or who assist in an investigation into a similar violation.
  • Attendance Policy: The Attendance Policy provides criteria for a student's attendance and involvement in all aspects of the school's Yoga Teacher Training program.

Refund Policy At World Peace Yoga School

  • Advanced Fee is non-refundable.
  • The tuition fee is also non-refundable.
  • You can join the upcoming yoga courses in case of any illness.
  • In case you cancel the course, you will not get any refunds.

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What Our Students Say About Their Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Gabriele Di Mauro

United States

I am really grateful for the yoga course. We have an inspirational yogi. Starting each day with mantras and meditation gives me serenity and sets a pleasant tone for the day. Having a devoted and experienced master may make a significant difference in the learning process; their advice has helped me improve my skills. They're great! We offer several activities both within and outside of school. The cuisine was amazing, and I have the nicest companions. All contributed to a well-rounded learning atmosphere that allowed students to embrace the inspiration obtained from their transformation journey. Thank you, everyone.

Gabriele Di Mauro

Olivia Whalley


I thoroughly enjoyed my 85-hour prenatal yoga teacher training experience here. I wanted to learn more about the spiritual, pranayama, and lifestyle aspects of yoga, rather than just the postures, and this was precisely what I was looking for. All of the lecturers were extremely educated, kind, and challenging (in the best ways), and I came away from the program a different person than before.

Olivia Whalley

Sofie Swiecki


World Peace Yoga School is a popular Thai yoga school that offers lessons for all skill levels. The school is well-known for its warm and supportive environment, which promotes personal growth and change through yoga.

Sofie Swiecki

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