The Shirshasana or the headstand looks extremely complicated, but with a little practice, you will be able to master it . The key is to progress slowly. This position helps improve blood circulation and also removes toxins from the blood stream. This, in turn, makes the skin radiant and glowing.

How To Do It

  1. From a standing position, squat on your toes while resting the knees on the ground.
  2. Clasp your fingers together while placing your hands in front of you on the ground. The elbows should be about 30cm away from your body
  3. Bend forward such that the crown of your head touches the ground. Rest the back of your head between your palms.
  4. Walk towards your head, keeping your knees absolutely straight. Make sure that your back, neck, and head are aligned in a straight line that is perpendicular to the ground.
  5. Bend your knees, and lift your legs off the ground towards your chest, keeping the weight of your body on your head and forearms. Exhale.
  6. Now, as you inhale, straighten your back, and raise your knees towards the sky. Straighten your legs and point your toes upwards.
  7. Focus on your breathing. Breathe normally.
  8. To release yourself, bend your knees slowly, making sure you do not loose balance.
  9. Bend the hips, and pull your knees towards your chest. Straighten your legs, and gently touch your toes to the ground.
  10. Slowly bring your knees and hips down, concentrating your weight on the legs. 11. Relax your upper body and bring yourself to a fetal position for a few seconds. 12. Close your eyes and relax taking deep breaths.

Note: Sarvangasan is a great pre-position that will help you get into this position easily. 


Make sure you do not jump or fling your legs to get into position. Do it slowly and steadily. It is best to avoid this asana if you have a stiff neck, high blood pressure, heart problems, low blood pressure, a chronic issue of constipation, kidney problems, osteoporosis, pregnancy, periods, or any kind of hemorrhage.