You might get surprised to hear that the yoga teacher training course is not only for aspiring yoga teachers. If you are someone who loves yoga and want to learn more about it and would like to soak up the knowledge surrounded by some people having the same aims as well as intentions, then a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh would change your life.

You might attain the yoga teacher training course with a specific goal in mind and find out that all of your thoughts and feelings about these goals get evolved throughout the course duration. You might have no intention of teaching yoga, but as you start learning and expanding your practice, this might become a career aspiration towards which you will be drawn.

Being a yoga teacher is hand down one of the best steps I have taken for myself. There is not a single thing that I want to change about the journey, and I am equally excited to share all these things with other people.

So, I would like to discuss the five different ways in which yoga teacher training has changed my life.

Improvement of my practice:

When I started my 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, I started giving good attention to my yoga practice and better understood the concept. As I continued learning more about all benefits of yoga, my dedication also became stronger and stronger.

One of the essential things that I have understood is that one should always strive to become a teacher they want to have for themselves. When you start deepening your knowledge and expanding your yoga practices, only you will be able to guide other people.

This thought gave me the purpose to give a push to my practice. It is my thinking that I am first a yoga student and then a teacher.

I will watch my students’ journey:

It is another exciting thing you achieve when you become a yoga teacher. I will watch my students transforming both on as well off the mat. When you witness people becoming healthier, confident as well as happier is an utmost joy. When you can see this, it will surely change your life.

This is something that you will see in front of you in every session. Your students might arrive at your class looking tired as well as stressed because of their busy lives, but when the course ends, they will be bursting with energy and visually uplifted. Some of the profound changes that occur with time are so obvious to see, and it is something that I take great pleasure in seeing as a yoga teacher. When people give more attention to self-love and self-care, their mood change and approach is enormous. People become self-aware and try to become genuine, highly connected and give in all their relationships. They will start eating healthy, live a healthy life, and share all these new intentions with all people around them.

I started connecting with people more deeply:

I was always friendly and charming, but this yoga teacher training has prompted me to take one step back and make an in-depth evaluation of every relationship. When my training started progressing, I started understanding that we are all connected. It assisted me to see and appreciate all my flaws and also appreciate all other people invaluable ways. We are all humans, and we all make mistakes, and we seek connections with other people.

From all the lessons I have learnt from my 200 hour yoga teacher training course, I feel that I have become more acquainted with myself, and my confidence has increased exponentially. My yoga teacher training course in a yoga school in Rishikesh has assisted me in connecting to myself as well as all others around me on a much more authentic level. I learned to become more open with my feelings and be more generous with my own time.

My attitude towards my life has changed:

I thought of life as a linear process with some set goals and time duration by which these have been realized. But when I made yoga an essential part of my life, I started learning that life is one of the extended learning processes.

Yoga will teach us this as it is something that one cannot master completely. There is always something more to imbibe, more to practice and more to know and appreciate. All these are the truth of life.

I understand myself more now: The first step towards yoga is always daunting. It is easy to hang up with the stereotypical look and attitude of those who are practicing yoga. This was very hard to avoid when I started my yoga journey, and it was pretty difficult not to base my worth as a yogi on fitting in with those who are present around me. When I started my yoga teacher training course, my ideas evolved. This yoga teacher training course showed me how to increase my strength, willpower, character, and many other things.

So, are you ready to embark on a 200 hour or 300 hour yoga teacher training?

The reason why you want to start a yoga teacher training course is purely personal. You might want to connect with yourself, want to get healthy, lose weight or tone your body, or you want to be a yoga teacher. No matter what is the reason, be ready to take the next step forward.