One can read or speak a million words and still find no change in one’s consciousness. This is the mistake that verbose philosophers have been making throughout the ages. Although it is possible to devour great amounts of knowledge, this is not connected in any way with  expanded awareness. It is merely mental accumulation of factual data. Our aim is to encourage you to become a suitable vessel to receive the influx of higher consciousness. Sri Aurobindo put this idea very tersely with the following comment: “The cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it.”

The emphasis will be on your personal practice and effort. Without this, you will never develop sensitivity and awareness to your external and internal surroundings. We will start with the assumption that you know little or nothing about yoga practices. Gradually lesson by lesson the practices will be introduced and developed in step, we hope, with your personal practice and experience. It is absolutely essential to start from the basic practices and slowly but surely proceed to more advanced techniques. Failure to do this can lead to disappointment and disillusionment.

For example, many people hear of meditation and try some practices for themselves without sufficient preparation. They sit comfortably, close their eyes and wait for something to happen. Because their eyes are closed they think they are introverted, but actually they are still thinking of the outside world or mulling over their problems. Their minds and consciousness are still in the same rut as they are every day. They achieve a little relaxation (though frustration is more likely) and then fall asleep. Nothing is gained and they begin to think that meditation is nothing more than a hoax. The preparation was not there so they failed to gain anything. Yoga is like any other science or art: preparation and training are essential.

Our objective is your regular and intense practice of the techniques as we introduce and explain them.

Various cleansing techniques are included which aim at progressively purifying your body to help it meet the demands of the more subtle practices of kriya yoga. Topics on asanas will help strengthen your body, make it more flexible and give you more control over bodily functions, resulting in vibrant good health. Different pranayama techniques are included to develop your breathing capacity, which leads not only to better health, but to an increased clarity and calmness of mind. Meditation practices aim at developing your ability to explore the mind and root out any subconscious problems. Then finally we will lead you to the techniques of kriya yoga