Yoga is Love

Love is an attitude, Love is a kind of living, Love is a choice. Love is the path  through we decide to understand the relation with ourselves, with rest of people, beings and Universe

Love is a conscious, mature, productive, constructive, and permanent character orientation. Love means that we have acquired the faith, humility, courage and honesty needed to overcome the narcissistic dependence, the selfishness, the desire to accumulate and manipulate others. These conditions are only possible with inside Independence and Freedom.

Love is to guide our relations in a Love / Friendship way, and that means, desire and promote growth and improving of that we are Loving.

Most people believe that Love is constituted by the object, not by the faculty, but Love is not essentially a relationship with a specific person, people or something. We believe that is possible to love a person and not love the rest of people, but this is not possible, this is not Love, that would be extended selfishness.

If I love, I love myself, I love all people and beings, I love World / Life / Universe

“ Love is the Way,

Love is Always the Solution

Love is the Answer for All the Questions “

And Meditation is the door of Love