Marichi literally means a ray of light. This position is also called the sage position, and it increases circulation and massages the internal organs, especially the abdominal organs. This helps in detoxifying your system, thus, enhancing your complexion. It also calms the mind and relieves stress, which, of course, leads to happy skin.

How To Do It

  1. Sit on a flat surface with your legs stretched out and your spine erect.
  2. Bend your right knee such that your toes are flat on the ground, close to your pelvis, and your knees are close to your chest. Make sure the toes of your left foot are facing upwards.
  3. Making sure your spine is erect, stretch your arms on both sides. Inhale deeply, and twist on the left from the waist.
  4. Wrap your arms around your bent knee and clasp them tightly.
  5. Breathe normally while ensuring your spine is straight and erect, your head is facing the left, your shoulder blades are drawn towards each other, and your chest is broad.
  6. Hold the position for about a minute and then repeat on the other side.


Avoid this position if you have suffered a serious back injury, or have any history of headaches and migraine. If you have high or low blood pressure, it is best to abstain. Also, do not practice this position if you are suffering from insomnia.