There are various elements in a comprehensive yoga course. However the courses followed are not the same everywhere. Numerous yoga schools across the globe adopt different approaches to yoga teaching and courses. Most of them aim at some particular aspects of the science and art of yoga. Some emphasize the exercising part whereas others emphasize the breathing parts and yet others highlight the healing aspects of yoga. But none of them adopt the holistic approach associated with learning yoga in Rishikesh. The holistic approach not only relates to all aspects of yoga but also overall spiritual and personality development of the learner.tumblr_oo8z5lAdw41vflpn0o1_1280

Comprehensive Nature of Yoga in Rishikesh 

 In essence; the yoga learning in Rishikesh is a comprehensive package. The programs adopt a holistic approach by including lifestyle and habit improvement, breathing control and uses, asanas, meditation, as well as philosophy. Courses are designed with theoretical as well as practical classes and the entire training program revolves round the concept of disciplined lifestyle and an attitude of rendering services to mankind. Basic designs of all the yoga courses including the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh are similar. The learner would know about the value of leading a disciplined life and following a routine that would improve his or her physique and psyche alike. At the same time after passing out the learner would be adequately empowered to teach others various finer points of the art of yoga.tumblr_oojmmczAvu1vflpn0o1_1280

Learner Friendly Environment

 Since all the yoga programs offered by international standard yoga school in Rishikesh are residential the basic requirement is an environment that is student friendly and sponsoring. That is why reputed yoga school gives special attention to creating environment that is student-friendly. The learners in the institute never feel away from their homes irrespective of their country and place of origin. Teachers act as their friend, philosophers and guide and always stand by their sides at the time of need. One of the basic advantages of undergoing the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is that the learner gets an environment where he or she feels like being at home. This feeling of staying at a home away from home irrespective of whether the learner is a man or woman, a person with inland or overseas origins, is a great experience for anyone.tumblr_ov6gfk2kRc1vflpn0o1_1280tumblr_ovuu5fJSYN1vflpn0o1_1280

Commitment of the Teachers and Academy

 Another unique feature of yoga trainings including the 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the commitment and dedication of the teachers and the institute management towards overall personality and knowledge base development of the learners. More than anything else their objective is spiritual development and finding the inner essences of the soul and they guide the learners reach a higher level of spiritual refinements. Whenever a learner requires any support or guidance they would be around extending the same. The process does not terminate with the completion of the training and one passing out of the yoga school but also after the training is over and the learners is back home.

Irrespective of the ethnic, cultural, and residential backgrounds and gender the learners feel like a family in the yoga school in Rishikesh and that is the most unique feature of learning yoga in Rishikesh.