The ongoing pandemic and the increasing use of the internet have led to the rise of a large number of websites providing online yoga teacher training classes. All of these sites are pretty simple. Anybody can try this class for free and, when satisfied, can continue with a monthly fee along with immediate access to any online library of video yoga classes.

So, you must consider whether online yoga teacher training is worth it, and are they a better substitute for in-person yoga teacher training classes?

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Let’s have a look at various benefits of doing online yoga teacher training:

  • Easy for scheduling
  • Get access to materials without any limitations. You can easily keep all zoom recordings.
  • Meet people across the world.
  • Stay at home
  • Get access to some of the best yoga studios without the necessity of traveling.
  • Learn how to teach online classes.

There are some disadvantages like

  • Lack of sense of community
  • Little knowledge of the human body and lack of adjustments.
  • Hard to vet as they are new offerings.
  • A lot of pre-recorded content.
200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

How can you know whether a particular online yoga teacher training is legit or not?

Will you receive an RYT certification?

A registered yoga teacher certification is based on a yoga alliance. Not every yoga tradition is identified by this certification. But if you wish to teach several kinds of yoga, it is better to get a yoga alliance certification.

Several Yoga Alliance:

Certified online yoga teacher training because of a pandemic. Although it is an exemption, we never know whether it will continue or not. Remain careful, as yoga alliance recognition doesn’t always imply that you will qualify as a registered yoga teacher. It is just counting in the direction of continuing education credits. So, do good research while looking for yoga alliance teacher training.


Have a look at certified reviews from some of the best people. Check the yoga school’s yoga alliance page’s Facebook page and google them exclusively.

See who the instructors are?

Research to know if they are resonating with their approach. Go through their online blogs, check their reviews, and take a public online yoga-practicing class to see if they can teach online.

Know about the schedule:

Obtain a breakdown of the program, not only day by day but also hour by hour. While doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training, compare it to the yoga alliance standards. Add on the hours to make sure it is 200 hours.

Try to find out about the interaction:

The more you interact with your teachers, the better it is. There must be some question and answer rounds and one-on-one time with some leading teachers while taking your 200-hour yoga teacher training online. Practice teaching along with some of your peers. It acts as beneficial feedback about how things feel in others’ bodies that will assist you in improving.Is it deeply rooted in anatomy as well as science? All kinds of training must have a significant anatomy component as you are going to put an impact on people’s bodies, and they will indeed get injured. Yoga is very dangerous when it is carried out with less safety.

How comprehensive is this?

Will you learn to welcome all types of students without considering their background? As a proficient yoga teacher, you have a significant role in cultivating diversity in a wellness space. This is one of the acquired skills as there are some solid methods and shifting of mindsets that help create an inclusive, easily accessible class for students of every walk of life.

Do not worry much, as online yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is legit.

If all the above points have not eased your mind, one thing will probably do it.

The yoga alliance and global association of yoga therapists are completely accredited distance learning yoga programs. These two are the major organizations that certify yoga teachers and yoga therapists across the world. When the yoga school you have selected is registered, remain to assure that on completion of the program will offer you perfect certification and credentialing.

While weighing various yoga teacher training programs, take out all time you require to know about the program’s needs. It helps you in setting yourself up for the whole process. So, the more prepared you are before entering the online yoga teacher training, the better will be your experiences.