|| Meditation on the  OM ||
God is spotless, attribute less, changeless, desire less, timeless, boundless and action less. That state is pure supreme consciousness with supreme silence. The god consciousness is an embodiment of bliss wisdom with supreme peace. It is all full, it is supreme one and it is infinite. In that divine state of god consciousness, there is neither day nor night, neither darkness nor light and neither east nor west and neither north nor south. There is neither rising nor setting, nor waxing nor waning. It is sexless. In the god consciousness there is neither male nor female, nor is it neutral. It is bodiless. It is a mass of divine light with supreme knowledge that is all pervading pure supreme consciousness. That divine state of god consciousness is supreme one and supreme self that pure supreme consciousness wanted to create the universe, in the line of first creation which starts from the pure supreme consciousness that first produce the sound, that divine sound is OM ,


OM is the divine sound of cosmic being and it is the immortal sacred symbol of god .OM is the word of glory. This is the mystic word. The most essence of all teachings is OM. OM is the basis for all sounds. All sound symbols are centered in OM. OM is infinity—eternity—and immortality. OM and God are inseparable. Just like that you and your name. OM is the life and soul of all mantras. It is the basis of your life, thought and intelligence. The whole universe also has come out of OM. Rests in OM and dissolves in OM. OM covers all the three fold experiences of man. A——-U——-M, A represents the waking state at the ajnachakra and the space between the two eyebrows; it is the seat of the mind in the waking state, the centre of the soul and the gateway of the inner world. U represents the dreaming state, the visudhichakra, the throat region. The individual self makes dreams in the vishudichakra. M represents deep sleep state and the anahatha chakra, the heart region, the seat of emotions and feelings. In the sleeping state individual self takes full rest in the casual body through the anahatha chakra.
A represents the nature and the body with birth. U represents the individual soul and the mind with life. M represent the supreme soul and the individual self with death. (Death means the dissolution of the self egoism and self ignorance, then the individual soul become face to face with supreme soul or lord). Ocean roars, this is OM. River rushes, this is OM. Bee hums, this is OM. Meditate on OM with its significance or the right mental attitude. Concentrate gently on the OM.

How to concentrate on OM? There are two types of concentration and meditation on OM. The first one is according to bhakti yoga. Repeat mentally OM. The constant awareness of OM, the mind can be easily controlled. The second method of concentration on OM is while you inhale the breath repeat mentally OM along with breath and while exhale the breath also repeat mentally OM. OM is the inner astral music of the soul. It is the music of the silence.

Inhale OM—OM—OM, Exhale OM—OM—OM

It makes the mind introvert. It is the remembrance of the god. The yogic student get one pointed mind by constant awareness of OM along with breath. By the constant practice of OM, the force of spiritual impression is increased. OM serves as a boat to cross this ocean of the rounds of births and deaths. Enter in the ship of OM. Sail very smoothly with the help of concentration and meditation on OM. Use the anchor of discrimination with the life belt dispassion and land safely in the marvelous city of bliss absolute.