Learn Yoga is Learn Love

Love is what we want, it is what makes us move, it is what makes us live and enjoy, but despite that, almost everything else seem to be more important, and we usually dedicate our energy to get ” prestige, success, money, power “ and other types of learning, and very little in to Learn about Love.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, almost no one thinks there is something to learn about love, we suppose more like a kind of luck or happiness that come haphazardly.

Why not take Love as an Art ? The Art of Loving. An Art that like the rest, requires a process of Learning, this learning is usually divided into the domain of his theory and practice, coming to dominate when my knowledge and skills merge into my intuition.

Very Important, In addition, there is a necessary and determining factor, key to master any art … Attitude … your domain of this Art of Love must be a matter of fundamental importance, that´s meaning, really Believe in it.