Chanting slock’s solve problems

Slock’s or chants are mental tool used in Hinduism to condition the mind. The effect it has on the soul is legendary. chanting helps calm down the mind, focus better on the problem at hand and handle situation with emotional strength. The power of intent and positive affirmation helps you to reach your target.

  • Some activities that will help you remain positive are;
  • Believe in yourself- no matter what the situation is, remind yourself that you are capable of tackling it.
  • Remind yourself to feel grateful for whatever you have.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Stay fit and active.
  • Follow your passion.

Move away from negative vibes and energy. Remember what Mahatma Gandhi sid: ‘ I will not let anyone walk trough my mind with their dirty feet.’

chanting slock’s solve problems:

Repeating a sacred chant takes your mind away from the problem at hand temporarily, so also helping concentrate. It is like giving your mind a short vacation from what is stressing you. So, after the vacation, when you come back to reality to face the problem, it helps you to focus better on it with clear head. Do this often enough, and ability to focus at will becomes nature. It’s just practice.

A tip to get started:

Upload digital versions of the chants onto your smart phone, save it according to each task in your routine like ‘cooking, driving, gym or yoga’ and listen to them while carrying out those task. This way you accomplish the task and ar to listen to the chants repeatedly.