There is no dearth of people who desire to be one of the successful and accomplished yoga teachers. The career prospect is highly attractive and inviting. With a growing trend of going for yoga and yoga therapies in entire world, there is always scope for anyone with some mastery in the art finding his or her career solutions. But the question is where to get the yoga teacher’s training that would open up a global career prospect for you. This is exactly where yoga teacher training Rishikesh can be very useful.



Learning Yoga in the Yoga Capital of the World

Your best choice for learning yoga is in the yoga capital of the world at Rishikesh, a tourist destination as well as sacred city for the Hindus and Buddhists in the North Indian State of Uttarkhand in India. Yoga in Rishikesh is integral part of its culture and heritage and it is one of those places in India where many masters of the art have taught disciples various intricacies of yoga giving them deeper insight into the ancient science. There are institutions that are qualitative and offer the best at the most competitive prices for the learners and the practice of yoga in Rishikesh is different from the traditional run of the mill yoga courses provided by mushrooming yoga institutions all over the world.


Why Yoga in Rishikesh is Different

Yoga courses offered by high quality institutes in Rishikesh are different on multiple counts from the traditional and stereotyped courses offered by many yoga academies across the globe.

  • All courses like the 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh offered by such institutions are approved by the Yoga Alliance USA ;
  • The standards of the courses are determined and designed according to the guidelines offered by Yoga Alliance.
  • Yoga training courses combine the elements of yoga, meditation, breathing control, and Ayurveda principles all in one; and
  • The training is provided by the best faculties in the industry who will guide you step by step through the process of learning yoga to become a yoga teacher.
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Why 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga has a vast and widespread field and to become a yoga teacher you need to know a little more than the basics. Therefore for learning the basics the 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh could be enough but it won’t be as suitable if you aspire to become a yoga teacher. Instead; the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is ideal because you will learn the basic and much more though you will not be the master of the art. In addition; this can be the ideal platform for moving onto master’s training like 500 hour yoga training or even 800 hour yoga training. The intermediary 200 hour course will make you conversant with various yoga forms, postures, and their uses and also how to blend the elements of meditation, breathing, and Ayurveda principles in it.

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When you choose the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh you also start moving on the pathway to becoming a master of the art covering higher courses and thereby build up a successful and rewarding career as yoga teacher of repute.