The name comes from the Sanskrit words vriksa or vriksha meaning “tree”and asana meaning “posture”.Vrikshasana or tree pose is a wonderful pose that teaches balance while toning the muscles of the legs. This elegant pose is not as easy as it looks, but over time it builds tremendous inner and outer strength and a great feeling of accomplishment as you learn to balance on one leg. Besides being lots of fun, the health benefits of vrikshasana or tree pose are worth the effort and initial challenges of falling out of the pose.

Getting into Tree Pose:

Stand in Tadasana or mountain pose with your toes and ankles touching, your pelvis perpendicular to the floor and your shoulders relaxed and open. The arms are by your side.

Ground through your left foot, especially focusing on the big toes joint and then lift your right leg folding at the knee.

Place the sole of the right foot up against the upper left inner thigh with the toes pointing downwards and the folded leg perpendicular to the standing leg.

Make sure your hips are even- avoid the temptation to sink into the hip of the standing leg. Once you have established your balance, fold the hands in front of your chest in a prayer position.

Keep your balance and stretch the arms above your head with your gaze forward.

Once you are more comfortable in this pose you can begin to play with curling the chest back and looking up. Keep the balance and hold for as long as possible. Repeat with the left leg.

Benefits of the Tree Pose (Vrikshasana):

This pose leaves you in a state of rejuvenation. It stretches the legs, back and arms, and invigorates you.

It brings balance and equilibrium to your mind.

It helps improve concentration.

This posture has been found to relieve some cases of sciatica.

It makes the legs strong, improves balance, and opens the hips.

Helps those who are suffering from sciatica.


Avoid doing this posture if you are suffering from migraine, insomnia, low or high blood pressure