health benefit of Low lunge

Low lunge (Anjaneyasana): From downward facing dog, exhale and step right foot forward between hands, aligning right knee over heel. Without moving right knee, lower left knee to mat and slide left leg back until you feel a stretch in front of left thigh and groin. Keeping spine neutral, lift and push chest backwards. Reach arms towards ceiling and look up, without letting neck hang.

Health benefit of Low lunge:

1) Releases tension in your hips.
2) Helps build mental focus.
3) Stretches the hips, quads, and hamstrings.
4) Helps to improve the strength and flexibility in your hips, legs, shoulders, arms, abdomen, back and knees.
5) If you suffer from sciatica pain, this pose is also good for you as it stretches and soothes the hamstrings and leg muscles.
6) As a heart-opening exercise, this pose is of course also beneficial for the heart chakra and stimulates the Anahata energy.
7) This pose is especially good and recommended for athletes and runners as it gives a beneficial stretch and stimulation to the lower body.