Its official. I can teach Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Yoga Philosophy with a little bit of Reiki in the mix.

Yoga Teacher Trainings are designed to be a launch pad of eternal self enquiry and self study. We are always the student. We never really graduate. In our case, we have been equipped with a set of techniques that can be taught to others to help them discover their own union with the mind, body and soul.

We came to the source here in Rishikesh. The Ganges and Himalayas rich with the vibration and energies of gurus spanning many generations. How could that not resonate with us? Without the training, that alone has the power to shift your own vibration and perception of reality. We are always reprogramming the dream. I have been debating throughout the entire duration of the course (and well before, in fact) the merit of being here over a Western style training. Today brought it home for me the invaluable experience.  so much through the content of their teaching, but their grounding in this realm. Understanding by being. Historically, yogic gurus and masters would give their students only snippets of what they need. This is not a textbook education, but one that allows the spirit to understand its purpose in its entirety. I keep swinging like a pendulum to the idea that we would learn more in a more highly efficient course, but we aren’t robots. We are exactly where we need to be and we will gently steer this ship in the direction we need to, surrendering to the natural flow and rhythms, just like the masters and their students for centuries.

Looking around the circle I see the faces that not so long ago were strangers. They are now family. Reading their aura and their unique quirks and energies instead of their physical appearance or stories. Telling them about the world with just a look rather than words. This has been an experience that will stay with us forever. We are connected on a very deep level and I know that saying goodbye would be a lie. These souls will very much be part of my life and will be welcome in my tribe regardless of circumstance, wherever our paths may cross again. I’m so excited to see their stories unfold.

After the ceremony, I let out some pent up energy of excitement with my silks. I gave up on the dream of taking them to the Beatles Ashram and settle on that being the next Indian adventure. One that includes a Royal Enfield. Sorry (not sorry), dad.

Vero and I plan to catch up with Michael in the afternoon, but first take a quick card reading from Vero’s deck. I shuffle and all that jazz and end up pulling the card of Service. We are here to and will find joy in serving others. This is the perfect card to reflect on our graduation and moving forward with my new practice. I shuffle the deck and thrust it in front of V. She’s in a rush so splits the deck in half at random. Service. Exactly the same card. Good intention for both of us.

We meet up with Michael and spend the afternoon drinking juice, and end up working off Michael’s tension from riding so far yesterday with a 4 hand massage. Wow, he was in need! It felt good to share some good energy with him and remind myself how tiring it is traveling solo and we all need some TLC. The power of the human touch is incredible. As Michael dozes off in bliss, V and I working away, I remember our card reading. Giving really is a great feeling and I’ll take this intention with me. We end up in a vortex giggling about a parallel universe lightbulb industry in Rishikesh. Hours later, emerging from the giggle vortex we head to our place on the Ganges. A familiar little face comes running up at me. The flower seller from the other day;