Benefits of the Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

The Corpse yoga pose is one of the most important postures. It is meant to rejuvenate your mind and body after practice while also allowing you to shift your attention to your inner-self. The benefits: lowering your blood pressure, calming you  and giving your body the opportunity to obsorb all of the benefits you worked out for.

Preparing for the Savasana Pose

Pick the right location. Keeping a peaceful mind is key to correctly performing Savasana. You should look for a quiet, dark place that will allow you to focus on your breathing and meditation.

  • You might need to move to another room than the one you used to perform your previous poses if you have many distractions or can’t relax. If you are in a class, your instructor may darken the lights in the room as you relax.
  • Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature. Extreme temperatures in heat or cold could distract you from the mental benefits of the pose.
  • You must also have a comfortable surface to lie on. Generally, you will need a yoga mat or towels to give you a buffer on hardwood floors. You might want to avoid practicing this pose on concrete or tile floors without a mat.

Maintain your space. You will have to lie down fully in the Savasana pose. This might mean your legs will extend past your mat. Make sure you have enough space to complete the pose.

  • If you are in a crowded yoga class, test lying down on your mat before the beginning of the class so you will know where to position the mat.

Reflect on the value of yoga. While the Savasana pose has been shown to have wonderful benefits for the back and abdominal muscles, you shouldn’t just complete this pose for the physical benefits.

  • Remember the mental benefits of Savasana as you perform this pose. Yoga gives you the power to control and minimize negative thoughts that can lead to stress, anxiety or depression.