Welcome to World Peace Yoga School in Mexico.

For aspirants looking to build up a career as yoga teacher of repute Mexico could be an ideal retreat especially if you belong to any part of North and South American continent. Even for the rest of the world Mexico is like a paradise to learn yoga and our 200 hour yoga teacher training course in México is invariably the very best for beginners and intermediary learners.

Our yoga teacher training in México offers much more than yoga. The environment is ideal for learning and practicing various forms of the ancient oriental art and science. Remote beaches and friendly residents in Mexico add considerably to the glamour of the yoga training course in the country. Great views coupled with exotic beach activities can take away all the boredom and revitalize you to take yoga teachers training in Mexico with a difference.

But more than anything else it is the quality of our yoga TTC in México that makes all the difference. We take a completely different approach to the training and designing the courses because we intend to create a community of universal service provider and healers instead of just creating a group of mechanical yoga instructors.

World Peace Yoga School is considered as the best yoga school in México because not only we have the best course designed for teacher’s training but also give you a deeper insight into the core features of yoga and ayurveda. Our course is designed not only to ensure material gains for you with a rewarding career but also to improve the lives of others using your knowledge and proficiency in the art and science of yoga. Once you complete the course successfully you will have the capability of addressing any type of audiences to teach them various aspects of yoga. Thereafter you can start teaching according to the needs of students coming to you.

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training course in México is based on classical yoga and also includes the best contemporary yoga practices making it a complete package. We use elements from ancient scriptures like Sutras Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Upanishad, Vedanta, and Bhagawat Gita among others. To this we add modern spiritual yoga techniques developed by eminent experts and the course is ideal for self-refinement and learning the best of yoga in the process.

Our yoga teacher training in México is designed to take your proficiency and expertise in Yoga to a new level and make you a self-sufficient and accomplished certified yoga teacher. At the ends of the training you will be able to teach from the heart with own practices as well as personal discipline.

Yoga TTC in México at World Peace Yoga School is meant for people that desire to share the wealth of yoga and enrich lives of learners also. We offer different variants of yoga TTC that include general training as well as type specific trainings like Vinyasa, Asthanga, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga teacher training among others.

Join yoga TTC in the best yoga school in México and reap the benefits of a certified yoga teacher accepted and revered across the globe.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Mexico--------20th Aug to 04th Sep 2019-----Seat Available-----Apply Now

World Peace Yoga School Guidelines & Etiquette


In-order to book for the classes kindly visit our world peace yoga school reception, submit your name, pay for your classes & get your entry receipt, which will be checked during your entry in class.

For online reservation kindly email us at worldpeaceyogaindia@gmail.com, we are always available to assist you the best.

Discipline Rules for Students

  • Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.
  • Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules.
  • Deposit is not refundable but one can join for other class.
  • Our class size is 15 students, classes fill up quick kindly book in an advance for your own convivence.
  • Always be on the time, if you are running 15 mins late according to the class time, you will not be permitted to join class.


  • Respect the teacher and your neighbours, please practice as instructed by the teacher and do not practice your own series during class.
  • Practice Patience and Kindness at the Registration Desk. Have Respect for the World Peace Yoga School staff.
  • Absolutely NO SELFIES during class! Please turn off your cell phone or at least put it on silent before the first OM.
  • Observe SILENCE during class and especially during Savasana, where you integrate all you have absorbed during class.
  • Clean up your space at the end of class. Pick up your props and mats and put in the designated areas as instructed by the teacher if not obvious.
  • If exiting early, please do so just before Savasana, not during. Figure out the best way to leave your space silently. If you have no other option,
  • leave your mat and props where they are and quietly leave with respect to the group.

“Luminate your body & the mind through your pure consciousness”.