WPYS Peace Projects

World Peace Yoga School is a school with a mission. We spread our message of love and peace wherever and whenever we can! As students learn during their yoga teacher training course, karma yoga is an important part of living the yogi lifestyle. We truly believe in giving back to the world by creating more positive energy through positive action.

Currently, we are supporting a school in the state of Orissa with Yogi Vishnu's Seva Samadhi Trust. Through donations from students, we are able to make a profound impact in the lives of young boys and girls within that community. We plan volunteer trips to visit the school for students to learn more about India and to directly experience how their contributions are benefiting the youth of Orissa.
Throughout the year, we regularly perform trash clean-ups around Rishikesh and the Ganga River. It is our duty to honor and protect Mother Earth as citizens of this world. We also plan larger community-wide awareness campaigns in order to further the discussion on the current trash problem in India.
We love when our students join together to work with local nonprofit organizations or plan volunteer projects of their own after their yoga teacher training course. Our goal is to foster a sense of global awareness and understanding that will only further our goal of peace on earth.