Featured Services

At World Peace Yoga School, we offer many important and useful services for students during their yoga teacher training course.

  • Taxi booking
    If you are arriving to or from the airport, we can arrange a taxi for your journey. Contact the school at any time if interested.

  • Massage/Panchkarma Center
    World Health Ayurveda is a massage and panchkarma center affiliated with World Peace Yoga School. Treat yourself after a day of training with a deep tissue massage right next door! Receive a discount for being a student of ours.

  • Laundry
    It's very easy and cheap to find laundry services in Rishikesh for your laundry. Laundry services are available through the school. However, many students wash their own clothes and there are areas to hang your clothes for drying.

  • Health and Medical Care
    If injury or sickness occurs, our staff will make sure you receive medical attention in a timely manner. If the occasion should arise, we will be more than happy to take injured or ill students to a western hospital nearby.

  • Filtered Water
    Students will have 24 hour access to our on-campus filtered water system. Feel free to bring a reusable water bottle with you to reduce your plastic waste while in India.

  • Ayurvedic and Yogic Nutrition
    An option available to students is an extended ayurvedic and yogic nutrition add-on to the information they already receive during their yoga teacher training program. Get more practice cooking ayurvedic meals, learn more about nutrition and explore how food affects your health.

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From Delhi to Rishikesh
The distance from Delhi to Rishikesh is generally 6 hours but traffic, time of day and holidays/ festivals can make the journey longer. The three major methods of transportation to get from Delhi to Rishikesh are private car, bus or plane. Hiring a private car to take you from Delhi to Rishikesh is the easiest option for first time travelers to India with bus and train being more complicated.

Private Car
A private car will cost around $80 USD from Delhi to Rishikesh. You have the opportunity to meet up with other students in your yoga teacher training group to arrange to share a private car in order to keep the cost down.

Depending on the time your plane arrives in Delhi, this can be a tricky option. Volvo buses (best condition) from Delhi to Rishikesh stop running around 9 PM at night. If your plane arrives in Delhi around evening time, you will have to get a hotel for the night and then make your way to Delhi ISBT (Interstate Bus Terminus) in the morning.

From the airport, get a prepaid taxi to take you to Delhi ISBT. Only go to the governmentapproved taxi stand located right outside the airport exit. The price from the Delhi airport to Delhi ISBT will be 600 INR (Indian Rupees).

Once you arrive at Delhi ISBT, navigate your way to the bus station's ticket stands on the second level (go up the escalator). Go to the Uttarakhand State booth and ask when the next volvo bus (best quality) will be leaving for Rishikesh. That bus ticket should cost between 600 INR - 800 INR.

Make sure to ask the bus driver/bus director where they drop off at Rishikesh. You should depart from the bus at Rishikesh Bus Station (there's only one!) which is usually their last stop if their destination is Rishikesh.

Once you arrive at Rishikesh Bus Station, find an auto rickshaw (tuk tuk) to take you to Laxman Jhula at World Peace Yoga School (Tapovan Resort).

You can also book a plane ticket from Delhi airport to Dehradun airport (Jolly Grant). The price of that ticket ranges depending on when you book it, but it's usually around $40 to $60 USD. The taxi from the airport to Laxman Jhula is around $16 USD.