Satsang with Yogi Vishnu

Recharge your “spiritual batteries” with a refreshing and peaceful experience at our satsang, a lecture led by Yogi Vishnu that is dedicated to spiritually transformative discussions.

Satsang is the sacred practice of coming together with a guru to explore the infinite depths of our individual paths in order to inspire our souls throughout our spiritual journeys. It is not limited to talks of religion, but it is more based in spiritual and yogic philosophy.
Open up your heart, listen to beautiful scriptures and mantra, reflect on spiritual and yogic phi-losophy, discuss and explore how the experience resonates in your life. This is a place to make your own connections and discoveries with the support of other spiritually-minded individuals. Meditate on the source of these words and bring their meaning into your daily life.
Seek refuge and relax your tired mind every day with our unique satsang experience. Among candle-light and incense, listen to Yogi Vishnu explore a variety of topics that expand into practi-cal life advice. The purpose of satsang is to create a sanctuary for spiritual seekers to further develop and grow by expanding minds, consciousness and awareness.