Student Reviews WPYS

Jaime Blakely

I absolutely adore WPYS, and am looking forward to coming back so much. There are a lot of Yoga schools to choose from in Rishikesh, and each has their own unique quality and speciality. What you'll find here is an incredibly sweet and warm atmosphere that is completely authentic and nurturing, thanks to the founder Vishnu-ji. This is not a factory style churn-out of Yoga Alliance teacher training programs like so many other places in Rishikesh. This is where you'll find the individualized attention you're looking for in order to move your practice forward. Vishnu's aim is to teach and promote real Self-awareness and a deep understanding of the subtle principals of philosophy and Yogic practices. His meditation instruction and satsangs were my particular favorites, and what I consider his unique talent. Yes, you'll get all the great Asana classes. You'll also get fun activities, sightseeing, concerts, and an amazing location. I've experienced other TT programs in Rishikesh, and the accommodations here are by far superior. It's a little bit pricier than some other programs in the area, but it's totally worth it to pay a little more to get the level of comfort and safety I saw there. A sizable part of your tuition fees go towards funding schools for children as well, which is heartwarming. Next year I would like to bring my own mother and several friends to stay and practice at WPYS, and I wouldn't do that if I wasn't super proud to be part of Vishnu's spiritual family and completely comfortable in his hands.

Cora Rijskamp

My yoga meditation course was wonderfull. You feel warm and welcome and the opportunity to explore yourself in your own speed. An amazing place to discover the path towards yourself through yoga, pranayama and meditation with heartwarming guidance from the teachers. Thank you so much Vishnu. Namaste!

Nika Nunnari

If you are searching real depth and a profound guidance to your inner strength, essence and truth you are in the right place. Pandit Vishnu Panigrahi and his passionate, humble teachings will let you come to the source of Yoga. All the teachers and teachings you will meet in the World Peace Yoga School are focussed on that core in you that waits to come out. I loved the food that is made from people who are practicing the service in love to all the Yogis in the school. The school is close to the Ganga and at the foot of the Himalaya. I am sure you will have the same fun in discovering all the secrets that you wanted to know about your body and how you are connected with the entire universe which in the end nowhere can be found than in yourself. You learn the circles of life. So come here and begin or continue your inner search to self-realization. Lovely blessings to the World Peace Yoga School and all your students. Namaste & Hari Om

Karen Queller

World Peace Yoga School has been a truly incredible experience. I learned so much more than i expected. I lived the yoga lifestyle and got in depth insight from this school rather then just a simple asana practice. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and ready to help and give whatever they can at any time. They share their way of life and perspective so generously, and always with an open heart. Each encounter has been a genuine one. This school will open its arms to you no matter what stage of yoga or what stage of your life you are in. If you find yourself here, you will feel that it was definitely meant to be. My class mates have been amazing. The accommodation here is very clean, nice, and comfortable. And the food is delicious, nutritious, and made with lots of love <3 I would highly recommend World Peace Yoga school!

lucas ramalho

great experience, the place have amazing energy, very clean the yogi food is very good, caring teachers and with much knowledge.

Luciano Weber

a wonderful school, family, dear professionals, much knowledge and love. It was an experience that made me grow a lot. this school will make you you master it

Scott Cooper

Excellent school. Way surpassed any expectations I had of learning yoga. Beautiful setting, lovely accommodation and food, and wonderful teachers who really care about you and your progress. I made many friends on my course and it was such a great introduction to India. I would highly recommend this intensive course to anyone serious about becoming a better teacher/person!

Anju Sharma

Wow... Had an amazing journey of a beautiful experience at World Peace Yoga School. The course gave a full length exposure of Hatha and Ashatanga Yoga with Pranayama, Yoga Therapy and Philosophy along with teachings of holistic life style. The teachers were amazing and encouraging at all points. The place is located right at the Ganges which nourishes your soul at all times. In nut shell, Five Stars to the course and the place

Delfina Rodríguez Jager

in World Peace Yoga School you have a safe and warm home to learn the whole Yogic Philosophy, not only asana and body practice. It is a perfect place in many aspects. In the first place because it's situated in the best geographic and natural environment that helps to still the mind. Secondly you have a comfortable residency and very nice staff of people that are always keen on helping. Lastly, the teachers are excellent. They have a brilliant discipline with themselves and that can be shown by the way they speak and transmit their lessons. They are truely interested in sharing with you their knowledge and unique tools to take back home.

Josh Leon

My 2-week 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training course at World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh was a fantastic experience! I am grateful to have undertaken instruction from some of the best instructors in the area and I have gained valuable knowledge in the Eight Limbs of Yoga. This period of time was transformational for my physical/spiritual path in Life and I appreciate the opportunity of this experience. The classes were organized and covered the multi-disciplinary channels of Yogic Philosophy which includes Asanas (poses/postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Dhyana (meditation) and others. I also enjoyed the fact that Yama and Niyama (first 2 limbs of 8) were focused in order to provide the student with ethical approach and moral discipline to the practice (or lifestyle). I am thankful to have met Vishnu (founder of WPYS) and to share with him my perspectives and feedback. I would certainly return back to this school in the future to complete my 200-hour programme!

Soha Alaa

The teachers and the courses were exceptional. You get to learn from each teacher in a very unique and creative environment. Friendly staff and helpful too.

Cornelia Zeltner

I was among the lucky few who had the fantastic opportunity to participate in this August's 200hrs meditation teacher training. It was a truly transformational experience and my first step in becoming a real yogi. The teachers were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable during this journey and I learned more from them than I could express or even grasp at this moment. I would highly recommend this teacher training to anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice or want to learn how to teach others. The location of the school is very nice, near the Ganga river and surrounded by nice little cafes and shops where you can buy everything you might need for your stay. I had a spacious room with balcony from which I could not only see the river, but also the most stunning sunsets. I will forever be grateful to Vishnu ji who opened my eyes in his magical guided meditations to other levels of consciousness and perceptions and will always be an inspiration as a teacher. I am sure I will come back soon to this very special place!

Lisa Hengartner

I had a great time here in India because I have chosen the right place with the perfect school and nice people. My first time here in India has been an unforgettable experience and I am very glad that I was able to make this. It is a very beautiful and spiritual place here and people are open and have a heartwarming manner. I want so say thank you to all members of World peace Yoga School who made me feel like staying with my family and taught me a lot of their knowledge. I will never forget all of you. See you soon!

Molly McDonald

I just completed 200 hours yoga teacher training at World Peace Yoga School! What a special place. I have really grown, healed, and learned so much over the last month! The teachers are highly dedicated to your learning and they really care about the students. Also, Rishikesh is absolutely amazing. An incredibly beautiful and spiritual place! 💜💜💜💜💜

Preeti Singh

it was an amazing experience with world peace yoga school in rishikesh. I got to know about many yoga experiences like asana, pranyama, meditation, therapy, anatomy, philosophy and so many more. all the teachers were great and experienced. i am fully satisfied with everything- teachings, staff and so on. i never missed my home. now i am going back and feeling little sad and i will miss world peace yoga school and all the staff. i am looking forward to coming back for my 300 hours yoga TTC. thank you so much and i highly recommend this school for them who are willing to have a good experience of yoga.

Emi Nakano

I was here for 200hr TTC. I am very happy to be here as I leaned lots of things include Indian coulture. Being 4 weeks in here was full of yoga life every moments. I highely recommend this school.


Great teachers, great atmosphere, great curriculum. Totally recommended!! 全米ヨガアライアランス200時間コースに参加しました。素晴らしい先生と仲間に恵まれて有意義な1ヶ月が送れました。アサナだけではなくヨガの基本真理や呼吸法など想像以上に勉強になることばかりでした。300時間コースが開設されたら是非ここでまた勉強したいと思います。

Elias Maritan

World Peace Yoga School is a place where one can find balance and connection with like-minded people. It is an island of peace where it is possible to give oneself time to just be. In the two weeks I spent there, I re-connected with myself and found inspiration to continue my journey on the planet. I am very thankful to Yogi Vishnu for following me as a true guru. He has that energy to take care of every single student on a personal level. I was also very inspired by Pandey-ji, a source of incredible happiness and knowledge coming directly from his experience in the Himalayan caves.

nelly motloutsi

i had a wonderful time at world peace yoga school.i would gladly return with no doubt.i enjoyed every single minute of my stay here ,the 3 vegetarian meals per day were great ! i have learnt so much from different people within a short period of time .

Makiko Yamaguchi

2週間のティーチャートレーニングコースを受けました。ハタヨガ、アシュタンガヨガ、ヴィンヤサヨガを学ぶ事ができ、解剖学やヨガの精神について、メディテーションの授業もありました。 とても熱心で良い先生が多く、ヨガに関する知識を深めることが出来ます。 3色ベジタリアンフードで、体も心も健康になっていく感じがしました。 施設も他のアシュラムに比べてとても綺麗なので、快適に過ごすことができました。 とてもオススメです

Masahito Sano

I like world Peace yoga School becouse the teachers are very professional and i like the hatha and Ashtanga teachers because they were teaching so beautifully and systematically. They were teaching many variations of doing even the difficult postures. Pranayama and Philosophy Class with Pandey ji was incredible, he is very intelligent. I felt Life transforming experience. I like our Anatomy teacher so much, she explain very well and easy to understand. i am from Japan not having a good english but her language was so easy for me to understand her class. Our meditation teacher is amazing and her class was really good to experience the deep meditation. Yogi Vishnu, the Master of World peace yoga school is an very inspiring teacher and he is a reiki master so he shared us some knowledge of Reiki which is very unique in yoga course. THe room here is so clean, hyginic and very safety for us. Food was very good and the cook change the food many times so it was good for us. If you are looking for a yoga school in India or Rishikesh i recommend this world peace yoga school, so you must come here. I am a yoga teacher in Japan for last 2 years but i learn so many new things here and i am really grateful.