Student Reviews WPYS

Jaime Blakely

I absolutely adore WPYS, and am looking forward to coming back so much. There are a lot of Yoga schools to choose from in Rishikesh, and each has their own unique quality and speciality. What you'll find here is an incredibly sweet and warm atmosphere that is completely authentic and nurturing, thanks to the founder Vishnu-ji. This is not a factory style churn-out of Yoga Alliance teacher training programs like so many other places in Rishikesh. This is where you'll find the individualized attention you're looking for in order to move your practice forward. Vishnu's aim is to teach and promote real Self-awareness and a deep understanding of the subtle principals of philosophy and Yogic practices. His meditation instruction and satsangs were my particular favorites, and what I consider his unique talent. Yes, you'll get all the great Asana classes. You'll also get fun activities, sightseeing, concerts, and an amazing location. I've experienced other TT programs in Rishikesh, and the accommodations here are by far superior. It's a little bit pricier than some other programs in the area, but it's totally worth it to pay a little more to get the level of comfort and safety I saw there. A sizable part of your tuition fees go towards funding schools for children as well, which is heartwarming. Next year I would like to bring my own mother and several friends to stay and practice at WPYS, and I wouldn't do that if I wasn't super proud to be part of Vishnu's spiritual family and completely comfortable in his hands.

Cora Rijskamp

My yoga meditation course was wonderfull. You feel warm and welcome and the opportunity to explore yourself in your own speed. An amazing place to discover the path towards yourself through yoga, pranayama and meditation with heartwarming guidance from the teachers. Thank you so much Vishnu. Namaste!

Nika Nunnari

If you are searching real depth and a profound guidance to your inner strength, essence and truth you are in the right place. Pandit Vishnu Panigrahi and his passionate, humble teachings will let you come to the source of Yoga. All the teachers and teachings you will meet in the World Peace Yoga School are focussed on that core in you that waits to come out. I loved the food that is made from people who are practicing the service in love to all the Yogis in the school. The school is close to the Ganga and at the foot of the Himalaya. I am sure you will have the same fun in discovering all the secrets that you wanted to know about your body and how you are connected with the entire universe which in the end nowhere can be found than in yourself. You learn the circles of life. So come here and begin or continue your inner search to self-realization. Lovely blessings to the World Peace Yoga School and all your students. Namaste & Hari Om

Karen Queller

World Peace Yoga School has been a truly incredible experience. I learned so much more than i expected. I lived the yoga lifestyle and got in depth insight from this school rather then just a simple asana practice. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and ready to help and give whatever they can at any time. They share their way of life and perspective so generously, and always with an open heart. Each encounter has been a genuine one. This school will open its arms to you no matter what stage of yoga or what stage of your life you are in. If you find yourself here, you will feel that it was definitely meant to be. My class mates have been amazing. The accommodation here is very clean, nice, and comfortable. And the food is delicious, nutritious, and made with lots of love <3 I would highly recommend World Peace Yoga school!

lucas ramalho

great experience, the place have amazing energy, very clean the yogi food is very good, caring teachers and with much knowledge.

Luciano Weber

a wonderful school, family, dear professionals, much knowledge and love. It was an experience that made me grow a lot. this school will make you you master it

Scott Cooper

Excellent school. Way surpassed any expectations I had of learning yoga. Beautiful setting, lovely accommodation and food, and wonderful teachers who really care about you and your progress. I made many friends on my course and it was such a great introduction to India. I would highly recommend this intensive course to anyone serious about becoming a better teacher/person!

Anju Sharma

Wow... Had an amazing journey of a beautiful experience at World Peace Yoga School. The course gave a full length exposure of Hatha and Ashatanga Yoga with Pranayama, Yoga Therapy and Philosophy along with teachings of holistic life style. The teachers were amazing and encouraging at all points. The place is located right at the Ganges which nourishes your soul at all times. In nut shell, Five Stars to the course and the place