Welcome to World Peace Yoga School to the The National Capital Region (NCR)Gurugram, Delhi

In the increasingly populated city of Delhi NCR, ultra-modernization and heightened business and occupational activities take place, leaving the people in utter stress which has negative impact upon their overall health. Besides, rising number of pollutants from automobiles and growing number of industries also keep their share in such a menace. As a reaction, when one looks for refuge and remedy, the traditional practice of yoga provides a unique relief and that not only benefits the health but also rejuvenates the mind at length.

This is made evident from the fact that the need and admiration for certified yoga teachers has seen a great popularity. One can easily make a successful and glorious career as a versatile trainer in Yoga philosophy. But, who to play our cards upon, while looking for the best yoga teacher training in Delhi?

We at World Peace Yoga School, gurugram , Delhi have been the premier institution when it comes to provide yoga training to help enable yoga professionals among those looking to build a career and seeking a job. At our ashram which is premium-spiritual, we have crafted a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Delhi, which is for beginners and covering the basics of physiology and human anatomy, we tend to proceed to medium level during this professional training course for yoga. Clearly, under the bright and efficient yoga training by our hermits, one doesn’t find it hard to embrace a simple but noble way of life, full of peace and aesthetics and which paves way for further prosperity and success in life and society.

Why To Select Us As Your Partner For Yoga Teacher Training in gurugram Delhi, India: There are multiple strong reasons as to why we should be relied upon when it comes to seek best yoga teacher training in Delhi, while some of the prominent ones are as mentioned below:

1) We impart most updated and widely researched yoga knowledge with corresponding scientific evidence about the benefits to mind, body and other specific parts, as a result of it,

2) Yoga philosophy uncovers spirituality and takes it deep into senses which then settles down into our psyche, thereby transforming our personalities for the life

3) India’s conventional yoga and all its forms, such as Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayam etc, are being taught in depth and in the light of Upanishads and other sacred texts,

4) Clean and pollution free environment is ensured at our Yoga ashram at Gurugram, which is widely stretched so as to enable a large number of learners at a time,

5) Extremely learned and senior Yoga Gurus are there who feel overwhelmed in sharing the hidden secrets and insights about the yoga, in a bid to spread this enlightenment further,

6) One can easily learn to control senses, negative emotions, nasty thoughts, mind and body and can learn to prevail upon oneself with righteous path of life clearly visible before him,

7) Clearly, one can learn to control anger, stress, anxiety (and greed) and can learn to get along with life with underlying peace and positivity,

8) Become the master of Yoga through our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Delhi and be a self- reliant professional yoga teacher who is widely sought after across the world,

Yoga Teacher Training Dates - 2019

200 Hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training in Gurugram Delhi --------2nd th April – 19th April, 2019-------600 USD------Available------Apply

Other Details

  1. 1- Accommodation and meals are not included in this course fees
  2. 3- Weekend excursions
  3. 4- yoga material ( books, yoga t-shirt, body cleansing kit, etc)
  4. 5- One the sightseeing trip

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule



07:00 to 8:00 AM

Pranayama/ Shatkarma/Mantra Chanting

08:00 to 09:30 AM

Holistic Asana

11:30 to 01:00 PM

Yoga Therapy/ Ayurveda/ Anatomy

03:30 to 05:30 PM

Asana Flow/ A & A/ Teaching Methodology

06:30 to 07:15 PM

Philosophy/ Meditation


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World Peace Yoga School Guidelines & Etiquette


   In-order to book for the classes kindly visit our world peace yoga school reception, submit your name, pay for your classes & get your entry receipt, which will be checked during your entry in class.

   For online reservation kindly email us at worldpeaceyogaindia@gmail.com, we are always available to assist you the best.

  Discipline Rules for Students

  •    Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.
  •    Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules.
  •    Deposit is not refundable but one can join for other class.
  •    Our class size is 15 students, classes fill up quick kindly book in an advance for your own convivence.
  •     Always be on the time, if you are running 15 mins late according to the class time, you will not be permitted to join class.


  •    Respect the teacher and your neighbours, please practice as instructed by the teacher and do not practice your own series during class.
  •    Practice Patience and Kindness at the Registration Desk. Have Respect for the World Peace Yoga School staff.
  •    Absolutely NO SELFIES during class! Please turn off your cell phone or at least put it on silent before the first OM.
  •    Observe SILENCE during class and especially during Savasana, where you integrate all you have absorbed during class.
  •    Clean up your space at the end of class. Pick up your props and mats and put in the designated areas as instructed by the teacher if not obvious.
  •    If exiting early, please do so just before Savasana, not during. Figure out the best way to leave your space silently. If you have no other option,
  •    leave your mat and props where they are and quietly leave with respect to the group.

“Luminate your body & the mind through your pure consciousness”.